It’s the dead of winter and even though, in theory, the days are getting longer it certainly doesn’t feel that way. That’s why we’re definitely in need of some warm, sweet Valentine’s Day tunes. In our Valentine’s Day Channel you’ll find everything you need to: acknowledge your sweetheart; conquer the heart of your as-of-yet unrequited love; or just gently accompany your beloved’s valentine breakfast.

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In this Valentine’s Day article you’ll find songs for

Love on the Guitar

If the six-string axe is your Cupid’s bow, here’s a suggestion: How about learning Death Cab for Cutie‘s “I Will Follow You Into the Dark” by heart, so you can warm up your lover’s soul. If you want to get your feelings across, singing them out loud is your best strategy.

The chord progression is not difficult. Especially if you use Chordify’s capo feature on the fifth fret, just like frontman Ben Gibbard does on his guitar. Try it, and you’ll see the progression turning into a trip down basic chord memory lane; with triads like the Am chord, the E chord, the F chord and the G chord.

We have one more Valentine’s Day guitar top tip for you! It’s Best Part by Daniel Ceasar featuring H.E.R. Find our chords to Best Part by Daniel Ceasar now and your special one’s valentine day perfect.

Love on the Piano

But what if you’re a “Lord of the Keys”? Well we’ve got something for you too. How about you set the table with a fresh and healthy Valentine’s Day breakfast; wake up your beloved one; and start playing “Love Me Now” by John Legend, while your partner walks into the room.

Oh right, you think this song is cheesy. Well think again – and put that cheese on your toast. This song’s all about the geste, and this is one hell of a geste. Tip: practice the vocal part thoroughly  before you go all out. The chord progression may not be that difficult, but John has a pretty good set of vocal cords.

Every special one deserves a special song. JP Saxe and Julia Michaels certainly wrote a special love song. Does this one describe your love? Ofcourse we bring you the chords to this beautiful song. Find the chords to If the world was ending and start practicing now.

Love on the Ukulele

Don’t worry, here’s something for the four-string rockers! “True Colors” by Cyndi Lauper is a classic – and if we say classic, we mean that from the bottom of our hearts. This is the track you play to conquer the one you want. It will show them that you’re all in and you know what you’re doing.

Definitely not your typical love song, but a really sweet one if played on a ukelele! Check out this fan-made cover. Is this the right song for you? Learn how to play Blinding Lights on Ukulele now and start jamming.

The fun part is that, after practicing a day or two, the chord progression is pretty easy. Take this opportunity to rehearse the basics, but also to learn some new stuff. Step out of your comfort zone. Do it for love. Happy jamming!

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