Sign up for a Premium monthly or yearly subscription* to be in with a chance of winning a very exclusive Chordify ukulele. You’d better hurry though, because the competition closes at midnight (Pacific Time Zone, USA) on June 26. What are you waiting for? Upgrade to a Premium account now. The ukulele is an Ohana and is engraved with the super sexy Chordify logo. Legend has it that this awesome ukulele has also been imbued with special powers by the mythical train hopping vagabond William “Shakes” McGiggles. When you’re at the beach, playing this fine ukulele, dolphins will spontaneously appear and whales will start chanting along in unison. In more wooded surroundings, all manner of forest creatures will gather to listen to the soothing and epic ballads your fingers will automatically play. No souls required, no batteries needed. Ukulele_blogpost_160617 Who doesn’t want an instrument like that, right? We don’t mind if you sign up for a monthly or a yearly subscription, and it doesn’t affect your chances of winning this majestic collectible. But you need to do it before June 26 if you want to get yer grubby little hands on this magical instrument! ukulele_promopic Disclaimer 01: some of the more esoteric abilities of this majestic instrument may or may not have been severely exaggerated. *Alternatively you can send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to our HQ to be in with a chance of winning a Chordify ukulele.

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