It’s Jamuary and that means you can win awesome prizes if you participate in the Jamuary Contest. Read on to find out exactly what you need to do to participate.ย 

We are celebrating Jamuary the whole month! That also means you can join the Jamuary Contest until the 24th of January and win great prizes. Every day we give away a Premium annual subscription to Chordify. Besides that you can also win a NEXI Starter Pack, a family pack of Loog guitars, and much more.ย 

How does the Jamuary Contest work?

Joining is very simple. Use this link to vote for your favorite cover song and post a tweet on Twitter using the icon shown. That’s it! After voting and sharing you will receive a confirmation of your actions to your email.

Fret Zealot

Chordify helps you to learn to play the guitar, piano,ย and ukulele as accessible as possible. We have a chord scheme for every song. You have to learn how to place the fingers on your instrument. But what if you had a tool that indicates the fingering using lights on your guitar neck?

Fret Zealot is that tool. It is an addition to your guitar that makes it even easier to play. The LED lights indicate where and what to do on the neck. If you participate in the Jamuary Contest you have a chance to win a Fret Zealot, because we give three away.

NEXI Starter Pack with CONNEXI

One of the great prizes is the NEXI Starter Pack. This package includes a pedalboard with built-in power supply, which is splashproof and is also equipped with an integrated tuner. In addition, you get an Overdrive effects pedal that you need to rock off the roof of any location.

But wait there’s more… Together with the pedalboard and the Overdrive, you’ll receive the CONNEXI. With this ingenious tool, guitarists are able to use other pedals which they use for years and attach them to the The Solution pedalboard with a single click. No more soldering and no more unnecessary worries. Your perfect sound is only one click away.

Loog Family Pack

And if all that’s not enough, we’ll also give away a family pack of the coolest and smallest guitars you can imagine. The Loog Mini is an acoustic rock monster with only three strings. Ideal for the small guitar toddlers. Moreover, three strings are the main ingredients for most chords.

The Loog Pro is the electric version of the Loog Mini. The larger size of this guitar allows your daughter or son to enter the wonderful world of rock ‘n roll. Together with the Loog Mini, the Loog Pro will take your jam sessions to a higher level. That’s exactly why you can win both.

One hundred dollar Chordify Shop credit plus Chordify Premium yearly subscriptions

To top it all off, we also give away one hundred dollars of credit in the Chordify shopย and a Chordify Premium annual subscription every day. The first you can spend in our webshop. The second gives you free access to Chordify’s Premium tools for a whole year. Do you want to spend the rest of 2019 rocking? Then quickly vote for your favorite cover song and press that tweet button… Happy jamming!

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