May the 10th is a special day indeed. Yeah, it’s springtime, but that’s not quite the thing we’re aiming at. It does have to do with new life, energy and eternal love. Can you guess what it is? If you’re thinking about Mother’s Day, you’re absolutely right!

On this day we honor our moms, and with that we celebrate life. So, what better way to throw a little happiness into the world than with a Mother’s Day jam session. For this purpose, we made a special Mother’s Day Channel. This way you can prepare for the 10th. And to make it even more appealing: you can earn a badge while playing along.

Mother’s Day Badge

The rules for earning the badge are simple. Just open the Mother’s Day Channel, pick a few songs – which you can also add to your setlist – and start playing. The more you jam between the 3d and the 10th of May, the more badges you can earn.

Mind you, this is not all about earning badges. It’s also a way of preparing yourself to serenade your mother. It doesn’t matter if you play on a ukulele, a piano, or a guitar, we’ve got something for everyone. Check out a few songs straight from the Mother’s Day Channel below to get started.

Ukulele tip

If you want to surprise yourself and the ones you love, just grab your ukulele and try to play along with “Hey Mama” by Kanye West. Well, you didn’t expect a Kanye West sounding so sweet on a uke, right? Here’s a little secret: we didn’t either until we gave it a go.

Guitar tip

Do you feel “blessed to be raised by a woman so strong”? Ashanti certainly does. Playing the chords for “Mother” by Ashanti could be a way to express this. If you’re a guitar player with some years of experience under your belt, try to play along with the guitar chords of the song. The chord progression has some fun barre chords which are definitely worth learning.

What if you’re a novice guitarist? Well, it never hurts to try … or maybe it will hurt a bit if you’ve never barred a chord before. The trick is – as Nike never forgets to remind us – to just do it. Check out some thoughts on how to play barre chords and enjoy your journey while you’re at it.

Piano tip

So the keys are your weapon of love? Great stuff! How about singing “Mama, oh mama you know I love you” loudly while jamming the piano chords of Boyz II Men’s “A Song For Mama” on the keyboard. This is a pretty easy track to master. With only six basic triads and some fun variations you can chill out, relax and play along with this sweet song.

If you’ve never played piano before, but you’ve been eyeballing this nice instrument with black and white keys in your house, just take a look at how to read a piano chord diagram and give it a shot. Warning: learning a new instrument can be addictive. Spread the love and happy jamming!

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