The days are getting longer, temperatures are getting warmer, the trees are getting a little greener…Spring is officially here! And while we would all love to run outside and soak up some sunlight, it looks like for now we still have to enjoy Springtime from the safety of our homes. But even though those jam sessions in the park or by the lake will have to wait a little bit longer, that shouldn’t stop you from dusting up your strings or keys and starting a little Spring Jam by yourself. 

Open a window, transform your balcony into a festival stage and turn this lockdown into a rockdown. Play along with our selection of upbeat and happy tracks, from classics to fresh hits, that are guaranteed to shake off that Winter Blues for good and prepare you for the first proper outdoor jam session…Whenever that may be.

Katrina & The Waves – Walking On Sunshine

It’s hard to imagine that this cheerful track was originally intended to be a ballad. Right from the start, the song’s irresistible beat gives you a little Spring in your step – pun intended. And while we can’t even be Walking IN Sunshine at the moment, jamming along with Katrina & The Waves will definitely get you in the mood for some good weather vibes. 

Harry Styles – Watermelon Sugar

Mr. Styles is here to let you know that he really, really misses summer on this 70s inspired indie-pop moment. Appearing on his 2019 album Fine Line, the song is refreshing, soaring and sure to be featured on many Summer playlists. Everyone up for a little challenge will be happy to sink their teeth into the chord progression, which is a little bit on the tricker side.

Sheryl Crow – Soak Up The Sun

A classic! Those summer-y beats, optimistic lyrics and brilliant harmonies are very on-brand for Sheryl Crow. If the song itself is not enough to make you excited for some warmer days, the accompanying music video definitely will. The song ends with the singer putting on some sunscreen so she can “soak up the sun and rock on”. What a mood! 

Troye Sivan – Bloom

Talk about damn-near perfect synth-pop! This atmospheric track sees the Australian singer running through gardens and dancing with trees…Something we would all love to be doing right now. Released as the third single from his eponymous album, “Bloom” is a cheeky song about young love that, well, blooms. 

Bryan Adams – Summer Of ‘69

With the fate of the festival season of 2020 still being a big question mark, the closest we can come to getting a taste of that perfect summer is Bryan Adams’ undying rock classic. Screaming “Those were the best days of my life!” at the top of your lungs while doing your best rockstar impression is a guaranteed mood booster. 

So, with this evergreen piece of glorious sound, we say goodbye and stay safe. Enjoy your weekend and happy jamming!

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