Jamuary 2021. This is going to be a very special month. Why? Well, first of all it’s our birthday! That’s right, Chordify just turned eight! If that’s not special enough for ya, here’s something else: the Jamuary Badge. Read on to see what other cool stuff we have in store for you. 

Jamuary Channel

Jamuary stands for jam ’till ya drop. That’s why we’ve added a bunch of new songs to our Jamuary Channel, all famous tracks you didn’t know were covers. Curious? Check out our special Jamuary Channel.

All right, all right, all right, we’ll give you a little taste. When we say “Wild Thing” you say… Well, if you thought Jimi Hendrix, think again. This track was written by The Troggs.

Want another one? Okay, here goes nothing. When we say “Girls Just Want To Have Fun,” you say…. Cindy Lauper, right? Wrong! This song was originally written and performed by Robert Hazard. Yeah, we know, this gives the track a whole other dimension. 

Jamuary Badge 

You’re already jamming along with the chords of “Wild Thing” by Jimi Hendrix? Cool! That means you’ve just earned your first Jamuary Badge. If your New Year’s resolution is to play more, here’s a challenge for you: Play along with as many songs from the Jamuary Channel as you can, improve your skills, and earn more Jamuary Badges while you’re at it.  

So, are you up for the challenge? You can earn three Jamuary Badges by jamming to the songs in the Jamuary Channel (until January 14). After five songs, you earn the level two badge; after ten songs, you get the level three badge. Awesome, right? 

Win Jamuary prizes

While you’re jamming to collect those Jamuary Badges, you can also participate in our challenge where you can win some super cool prizes. All you have to do is jam along with 5 songs from the Jamuary Channel and sign up for the Jamuary Contest so we know you want to win prizes. 

“What kind of prizes?” Well, glad you mentioned it! How about a whole year of Chordify Premium for free? That’s worth some shredding, right? Of course, it is! But there’s more…

More winning!

Always wanted to improve your guitar skills but never knew how? Fret Zealot Guitar Learning System is the way to go. This awesome gadget has LED lights that show you what to play when. The only thing you have to do is connect it to your fretboard, and you’re ready for some future style music education! 

But wait, that’s not all … The future is of course very attractive, but what if you want something less bombastic? How about a real Chordify ukulele made by Ohana? The brand originated as a tribute to the passion for music and family spirit. Ohana is a small community-focused ukulele company best known for its dedication to quality. The perfect instrument for every occasion. Pretty cool, if you ask us, that’s why we asked them to make our very own Chordify uke.

Last but not least we have one more prize to give away, well it’s our birthday, and we do like to spoil our community. How about a custom made silkscreen print of our motto “Live Your Music”. That’s what we’re about, and that’s why we asked artist Erik de Vlaam to create his visual version of it. All prints are hand made, and there’s only 60 of them in total. It doesn’t get more limited edition than this.   

So, did we trigger your attention, interest, and passion for music? We surely hope so. Now, off you go to Shred City. Have fun and happy jamming!

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