Hey you aspiring rockstar. Don’t forget to take us up on our hot summer offer!  When you sign up for an annual premium membership, we’ll throw in a 50% discount for the first year. Gotta be quick though, because our exclusive summer deal ends on 31 August.


So what are you waiting for? Sign up and get yer music makin’ hands on all the exclusive perks of Premium Rockstardom, for half the dough.


Your Premium Rockstar perks. Being a Premium User is far more than a lofty title alone. We want to make sure you really get some great features when you decide to go premium. So here’s an overview of some of the other majestic benefits of premium membership:

Unlimited PDF and MIDI downloads. Get unlimited downloads without having to go through the payment hassle over and over again. Take the calculated chords wherever you go as a PDF printout or use the MIDI for audio editing.

Print your chords as seen on screen. Just hit the print button and print out the chords on paper or save as PDF with the same familiar appearance. Unlimited amount of prints for Chordify Premium users!

Transpose chords with capo hints. Play your chordified songs in different keys. Not your key? Are the chords too hard to play? Try the transpose feature with capo hints.

Playback for actual and transposed chords. On top of the audio of the song you have chordified, we supply Premium users with an extra audio channel that plays back the extracted chords. Play both your original song and the recognised chords simultaneously, or separately.

Change playback speed. Decrease or increase the playing speed of your chordified songs by simply clicking the arrows in the player. Slow down in order to keep up! Or, if you’re a true rockstar, play it faster!

No commercial advertising. Commercial messages will not be shown on Chordify Premium. Chordify adores music, musicians and other artists. That’s why our curated suggestions remain available for the promotion of artists and events we love.

Individual help and support. Stuck and in need of some help? As a premium user, you have the privilege to get personal help and support. As long as they are about our service that is ;).

Convinced yet? Rock on & sign up for the royal treatment. Just don’t let it go to your head too much!


About our awesome offer

This limited summer offer is valid for a yearly subscription for Chordify Premium and expires on 31 August 2015. Chordify Premium is sold on a subscription basis as a recurring payment, repeating monthly or annually. After the one year discount promotional period, you will be charged the standard yearly rate on your renewal date. You can cancel your subscription at any time if you don’t want the yearly subscription to automatically renew or be charged again for the service.

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