Chordify community, we have an important announcement! Are you ready to take your playing to next level? Look no further, discover our Toolkit, the ultimate companion for musicians of all skill levels. Making music has never been so easy.

Powerful new features

With powerful new features, this cutting-edge toolkit will revolutionize your practice sessions, amplify your skills, and unlock your true musical potential. We’ll take you through the features included – get ready to elevate your jamming experience.

Unveil the Mystery of Live Chords

Ever wondered which chords are being played in your favorite song or during a live performance? The Toolkit has the answer! Its live chord detection feature will listen to any song or live music and instantly display the chords being played. You can open the Toolkit at any time and immediately discover the chords of any audio playing near you. Pretty amazing, right? 

Dive into the intricacies of your favorite tunes, unravel the secrets of expert guitarists, and expand your repertoire effortlessly. This invaluable tool empowers you to play along with any song and take your jam sessions to a whole new level.

Master the Chords

For every musician, mastering chords is a fundamental step toward becoming a guru of the fretboard. The Toolkit presents an innovative chord trainer that guides you through chord progressions like a seasoned guitar teacher. Visualize chord diagrams for any chord shapes and receive real-time feedback as the toolkit listens to your performance. Correct your finger placements, strumming technique, and become a chord virtuoso in no time.

Tune to Perfection

Gone are the days of struggling to find the right tuning for your guitar. Them Toolkit offers an exceptional tuner that puts you in complete control. Whether you prefer standard tuning, open tunings, or want to experiment with unique variations like DADGAD, this toolkit has got you covered. Simply select your desired tuning, strum, and let the magic happen.

The tuner also offers the possibility to tune to different frequencies. Some songs are not in standard 440Hz, and unlike regular tuners, the Toolkit tuner gives you the option to tune to the exact frequency of any song. Check out this setlist for inspiration on songs in different frequencies. Experience flawless harmony as you effortlessly tune your guitar – now you can jam with songs in any tuning you like.

Your Personal Metronome

Timing and rhythm are the backbone of any great musician. The Toolkit includes a metronome that adapts to your needs, allowing you to practice at your own pace. With a vast array of customizable sound options, you can choose the perfect metronome sound to complement your playing style. From subtle clicks to drum beats, create a rhythmic foundation that enhances your skills and helps you nail those songs at full speed.

Premium + Toolkit

Unlock your full potential with Premium + Toolkit. Access a suite of powerful features to enhance your playing experience. Embrace the future of guitar playing with these amazing new features – the power of perfect tuning, customizable metronomes, expert chord guidance, and live chord detection awaits you. Unleash your full potential and elevate your playing. Explore our Toolkit now! Happy jamming!

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