These are strange times we’re living in peeps. Whether you like it or not, we gotta stick together. No not physically of course. But in every other sense, yes. So, how about playing for your grandparents via Skype, serenading your lover via FaceTime or getting out on your balcony to start jamming with the neighborhood?


Early morning jams

Musicians around the world are cancelling their shows and they are spreading the word to “stay at home and play.” This has led to some funny situations, like Machine Gun Kelly’s mom being pretty amazed her son is awake early in the morning, jamming on his guitar. So, the big question is: What are you going to play these next few weeks? Give it some thought.

Stay at Home and Jam Channel

While you’re at it, check out our Stay at Home and Jam Channel for some inspiration. If you have a song that you would like us to add to the channel, please reach out to us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Whatever you do, remember to keep your distance and wash your hands afterwards.

All jokes aside: when the world is struggling, it’s our love for music that can lift our spirits and keep us connected and relaxed. We’ve listed some tracks below that emphasize our sense of togetherness – even though we can’t physically be together. We added all the Premium Features for this channel and lifted the play quota, so you can jam away like a pro!

Lean on Me – Bill Withers

This soul daddy knew how to warm our hearts with his velvet voice and lovely melodies. Luckily, the chord progression of “Lean on Me” by Bill Withers is a simple one. If you try to play this track on piano, you’ll see that it’s all just a matter of moving one figure up and down the white keys.

Our House – Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young

Since we’re staying at home, why not celebrate our house. “Our House” by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young is the perfect ditty for this. Don’t panic when you see all the difficult chords. Just hit the “Simplify Chords” button and check out the six chords that remain. They’re pretty doable, and it’s not like you’re in a hurry to leave. Take your time and enjoy.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy – Bobby McFerrin

The power of music is hidden in the feeling you get while listening, singing, jamming or dancing. For a moment you can enter a fully relaxed reality. A reality that is best described by Bobby McFerrin’s “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”. It’s good to tune into the news a little more than usual nowadays, but take a break from time to time to remind yourself that better days will come.

As Long As We’re Together – The Lemon Twigs

If there’s one thing that’s true, it’s the fact that we stand strong “As Long As We’re Together”. This helps us to cope with everything the universe throws at us. Let’s not forget that. By the way, being together is possible in so many ways these days. So why not play this track live on Instagram? Just tag us and we’ll send you some heart emojis.

U Can’t Touch This – MC Hammer

Why Instagram? Even though you might not want to, you’ve got to keep your distance. You can’t just run around touching stuff anymore. To get this out of your system we recommend this track. If you play it long enough and repeat Hammer’s mantra, you’ll be just fine. It all comes down to four chords. And keep in mind that “U Can’t Touch This,” or that.

Contagious – The Isley Brothers

“But why can’t I touch it?” you might ask. Well, let The Isley Brothers clarify that for us. It’s as if they knew the time would come to spread the word that sometimes things are very, very “Contagious.” Just hit the “Simplify Chords” button to make the chords of “Contagious” by the Isley Brothers a bit more accessible. Have fun, especially with the chorus.

Feeling excited? Good! These are just a few of the tracks you can find in our Stay at Home and Jam Channel. As we said before, let us know which songs you would like to jam to. We’ll keep updating this channel from time to time. Stay safe, stay healthy and keep in touch through music. When in doubt, just do what Tyler Swift’s cat does. Happy jamming!

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