Welcome to the Top 10 songs of May. This month includes new additions from Mexico, Indonesia and Argentina, amongst some evergreen classics, of course. Read on for some jamming ideas!

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Panji Sakti brings Indonesian folk vibes

Continuing the theme of Indonesian artists regularly appearing in the top 10 songs of the month, Panji Sakti enters for the first time.

Kepada Noor is a beautiful, mellow folk song, with a melancholic ambience to the vocals and soft guitar chords. The instrumentation is stripped back with only acoustic guitar and vocals, which is ideal for the atmosphere of the track.

The lyrics refer to the longing of one’s love when they’re absent, and Panji’s rich voice brings this theme to life. There are some very melodic vocal lines which help propel the momentum of the song, particularly as it draws to a climax.

The chord progression is also interesting and features some nice chords for intermediate players, which could equally be a nice challenge for beginners to work on. Check out the track here.

Panji Sakti

Eslabon Armado and Mexican corrido

Mexican artist Eslabon Armado also enters the top 10 songs of May for the first time.

This track Ella Baila Sola is in the corrido genre, with the lyrics featuring a storytelling, romantic narrative about two people falling for each other. The track includes a lot of brass instrumentation which adds to the atmosphere, and these instruments drive the main melodies of the song.

Whilst the chords themselves are low key in this track, with quite a basic progression, there are nice strumming rhythms to jam along with. The vibe of the song is fun, so have a listen and play along here.

Latin pop from BM

Another interesting new entry for the top 10 this month is Argentinian trap artist Brian Sánchez, who goes by stage name BM. He recently secured his first No. 1 on Billboard Argentina Hot 100 with this track M.A (Mejores Amigos).

This is quite a straightforward song featuring piano, vocals and drum loops. It’s understandable this track performs well in the commercial charts with the catchy vocal melodies and formulaic approach to the songwriting.

There’s an upbeat, summer feel to it, and it would work well for jamming in a live scenario. Check out the track here.

You can find all these tracks and the familiar entries in the top 10 songs of May below. Happy jamming!

The Top 10 songs of May

  1. Miley Cyrus – Flowers
  2. R.E.M. – Losing My Religion
  3. Harry Styles – As it Was
  4. Grupo Frontera x Bad Bunny – un x100to
  5. Panji Sakti – Kepada Noor
  6. Amy Winehouse – Back to Black
  7. Eslabon Armado and Peso Pluma – Ella Baila Sola
  8. Taylor Swift – Anti-Hero
  9. Neil Young – Heart of Gold
  10. BM – M.A (Mejores Amigos)
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