The year is over, and it’s time to look back over the past 12 months. In this blog post you’ll find the five most read posts of 2021. We’re proud to see that we’ve helped a lot of people live their music, and in 2022 we’ll continue to do so.

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1- Reading piano chord diagrams

We always thought that most of our users are guitar players. That still might be the case, but things are starting to shift. Our most read blog of the year is piano related. Not just related, it goes way down to the core of what Chordify does: providing you with the chords for your favourite songs.

As we were digging into the blog data, we found out that the biggest success of 2021 is not how to read an Em chord. Nope, nothing like that at all. It’s a search for becoming a better piano player. And how do you do that? Well, by starting with the basics: how to read a piano chord diagram.

read chord diagrams piano

2 – Music Dictionary

Breathing down the piano diagram’s neck is the number two. This is not a real blog post, but the portal to our musical knowledge base. A place where you can find all the stuff you need to know about guitar, piano, ukulele, music theory, and rock slang.

This really puts a smile on our faces, since we love the fact that our users are so involved in learning. The very purpose of our Music Dictionary is to provide all the knowledge you need to become a rock star, and we’re super happy that you all massively tap into it.

3 – Barre chords – Four basic shapes to get you started

On number three, we finally get to the guitar, but what can we deduce from this well read blog post? For starters, it can be interpreted as a sign that our guitar players are a bit more advanced in their skill knowledge than the key fanatics. Why? This blog post is not something a beginner will start off with.

Learning barre chords is simple, but playing them is hard. You need a lot of strength, and mainly courage, to start practicing them. That being said, we’re proud to see that a lot of you do show that strength and courage, since our number three is all about barre chords and the “Four basic shapes to get you started”.

4 – Learn to play a Bm chord in three simple steps

Since barre chords are popular, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the number 4 in our top blogs is in fact a barre chord. Ever wondered how to play a Bm chord? We have poured all our knowledge into this simple three step guide. 

Using short and clear descriptions in combination with chord diagrams and illustrations, we show you how to play one of the most popular barre chords. The Bm chord isn’t that hard, and once you’ve learned it, the fingering unlocks all other minor barre chords rooted on the A string.

5- A simple introduction to basic chord theory for guitar

As you might have observed, all the ranking blogs are pretty hands on. How to play this, how to read that, it’s a testimony to the practical approach of our users. That is why we’re happy to see that a more theoretical approach is also part of the top 5 most read blog posts of 2021.

A simple introduction to basic chord theory for guitar” is a guide through the world of chord build up. It takes you by the hand and shows you the principles by which chords are forged. The article also zooms in on the way that chords work together as part of a scale. Very useful info if you want to understand the language of music.

More is more

Now that we’ve shown you the most read articles on our blog, we want to focus your attention to a few gems that might be useful in your quest for jamming. Check out our Songs Explained series featuring popular songs on Chordify like “Creep” by Radiohead, “Sweet Home Alabama” by Lynyrd Skynyrd and “Shallow” by Lady Gaga and Bradely Cooper, where we turn the songs inside out for all instruments and skill levels.

In this series you’ll find chord diagrams, chord progressions, tablature, note charts, and video tutorials. All you need for a hands on approach. And if that’s not enough, we have added some music theory and trivia about the songs. As the saying goes: more is more. Enjoy, and happy jamming!

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