Love is in the air! You can feel, right? It’s like a nice warm blanket of recognition combined with safety and familiarity. You know what we call that? Yup, a cliche. But cliches are good, and especially when it comes to love, they do the trick.

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Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day coming up, you better get your setlist in tune. Just remember that cliche is okay! In this blog post we’ll give you some inspiration straight from our Valentine’s Day channel. So grab your axe, or uke, or just sit behind your keys and take it away.

Love Me Do – The Beatles

Cliches have a bad connotation, they’ve been seen as dull, unimaginative and boring. Let’s take a step back and see what a cliche really is: something that’s so cool people use it all the time. They use it so often that it has become a no-brainer. Well, when it comes to love, you need no-brainers.

On the other hand, a cliche is also something that’s been around for a long time. Yup, just like a classic piece of art. And there’s nothing dull about that. Try jamming to  “Love Me Do” by the Beatles and you’ll see why. This also sounds great on piano by the way.

cliche of love

Skinny Love – Bon Iver

Some songs are classics because they’ve been around forever. Other tracks just become instant hits, because they’re so authentic and just hit the right strings. “Skinny Love” by Bon Iver is such a song. When it came out in 2007, the song ranked the Billboard charts, and was covered by a lot of artists. It tells the story of a fragile love that the narrator hopes will survive.

The authentic sound of the open G guitar is very cool. You know which instrument also is tuned in open G? Yup, that’s your ukulele. So here’s the thing: check out the chord diagrams for the uke and tell us you don’t want to play this song. That’s what we thought. Start jamming!

Can’t Help Falling in Love With You (Elvis Cover) – Twenty One Pilots

Now that you’ve got your fingers warmed up with Bon Iver, let’s take your ukulele adventure a step further. Try to jam along Elvis’ “Can’t Help Falling in Love With You” performed by Twenty One Pilots. This song is so cliche that you can’t go wrong with it. That being said, also check out the easy to master chord progression. 

It’s fun to jam to classics. Do you know why? Because for some reason you can feel things weren’t that complicated back in the day. Maybe we sound a bit old school, but hey, so is this song.

I’ll Be There For You – The Rembrandts

Love comes in many forms, and it has many faces. From your pet, to your mother in law (yeah, no joke), to your guitar. One of these forms is friendship, which is definitely one of the most beautiful kinds of love.Good thing that there was a 90s sitcom that displayed the way kindred spirits move through life. So when you’re jamming your way through the month of love, just think of Friends, and “I’ll Be There For You” by the Rembrandts. It will most certainly put a smile on your face. Happy jamming!

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