You love music better than The Beatles love Michelle? You love working in a young and fast growing company more than 10cc loves cricket? Stay tuned because Chordify is hiring.Ā 

Chordify has grown fast over the last few years. To keep up with demand, we are expanding our team. If you are pro-active, creative, independent, have a love for music and you are willing to go the extra mile, please see the available vacancies below.Ā 

This is your chance to help musicians all over the world to play their favorite music and become even better in mastering their instrument. What are you waiting for? Check out the available jobs at Chordify and jump the bandwagon.Ā 

Growth Marketer

We are looking for a data-focussed, CRO expert who has all-round job experience as Growth Marketeer. Preferably at internationally orientated tech companies. Learn more.Ā 

Online Marketer (SEO, SEM, ASO)

We are looking for an Online search specialist with proven experience in the field, who dreams of always ranking number one in Google. Learn more.

Music Informatics Researcher

We are looking for a PhD researcher who is eager to improve the technology behind Chordify. We offer a position with a lot of freedom in which you can design, prototype, and evaluate algorithms that form the core of Chordify. Learn more.Ā 

Front-end Developer

We are looking for a front-end developer to improve the Chordify user experience, launch new ideas, and make a difference. Learn more.Ā Ā 

iOS Developer

Chordify started out as a website, but the last few years our iOS and Android app have become a crucial part of our service. We are looking for a Swift developer to improve the Chordify mobile experience, optimize our iOS application, and launch new ideas. Learn more.Ā 

Find an overview of all Chordify jobs here.Ā 


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