You’ve elbowed your way to the front of the auditorium and your favorite singer is playing with the ultimate gusto of a rocker in his or her element. Then the music stops, the theatre lights go on, and the eyes of the singer gaze over the crowd, and stop when they see you. “You, yeah you! Get up here, you’re gonna play the next song.”

What do you do?

You calmly climb up on the stage and play the song, because you came prepared. It wouldn’t be the first time someone gets invited on stage. Green Day has a habit of pulling pranks like these, just like the Foo Fighters. And what about Keith Urban? They create bizarre, sometimes a little awkward, but oftentimes epic moments. Check it out.

When I Come Around – Green Day 

Green Day likes to challenge people to show off their skills on stage, so you better know your classics. Of course you can Chordify any track you like, but “When I Come Around” may be your best bet in prepping for a surprise attack. It doesn’t sound that complicated, and it isn’t. Although the chord progression may look a bit challenging at first. 

The song is set in B and there are a lot of chords in it that don’t look familiar. But a lot of punk rock bands tune their guitars down, to get that growling sound they like so much. So you can transpose this song to C with our transpose feature, and all the ‘vague’ chords will turn into the more recognizable G, Em, C, D, and A. So tune down a semitone and play along with “When I Come Around” by Green Day

Eyes of a Panther – Steel Panther

Glam rock is dead? Who said that?! Films like “Dirt” – which is a howling success on Netflix at the moment – and bands like Steel Panther show that the genre is still alive and kicking. Maybe it’s even more effervescent and hip than in the 80’s? No that’s an overstatement, but it’s a fact that Steel Panther is having a ball. In their frenetic stage performance, they sometimes get so excited that they pull a fan on stage.  

When that happens, you don’t want to get caught with your spandex down. The riffs are solid, but luckily they’re not too difficult. The only thing, they’re also set in Eb. So you will have to tune your guitar down again, and then use the transpose function to pitch the chord scheme higher. After that you can steal your mother’s shawl, wear it as a bandana, and rock out on “Eyes of a Panther” by Steel Panther.    

Blue Ain’t Your Color –  Keith Urban

You don’t have to be a hard rocker to rock hard. Just look at Keith Urban, and you know what we’re talking about. Beautiful songs with badass guitar riffs and sweet but powerful lyrics. No wonder Nicole Kidman felt for his charms. But, be careful you don’t fall when he hauls you up on stage. Because he will!

When that happens, don’t worry, we got your back! This Aussi rocker may want you to play “Blue Ain’t Your Color,” which has been around for some time and the chord progression consists of easy chords. So, when Keith decides to put you on the spot you will not have any trouble playing “Blue Ain’t Your Color.”      

All My Life – Foo Fighters

There you are enjoying the show when Dave Grohl looks you dead in the eye and screams: “get your ass up here!” You blink about ten times, ask your friends to pinch you to see whether you’re dreaming. Then you see the lady from security gesturing you to get up there, Dave’s waiting and it’s time to shine. 

This may be the moment you’ve been waiting for all your life so let’s start practicing “All My Life”.  You can begin playing it instantly once ‘The Nicest Guy in Rock’ hangs his guitar around your neck. Just remember one thing … don’t scratch it! Happy Jamming! 

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