Je hoeft alleen maar het liedje te kiezen, dan vinden wij de akkoorden.

Gitaar, ukulele, piano en mandoline. Wij hebben de akkoorden voor elk liedje.

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Liedjes met jouw akkoorden

Liedjes met jouw akkoorden

Geef ons akkoorden, wij geven je liedjes terug

B C D E F G A... Welke akkoorden kan jij spelen? Ken je alleen drie akkoorden, maar wil je met meer liedjes mee spelen? Geen probleem! Geef ons de akkoorden en wij zoeken voor jou het volgende liedje om mee te jammen.

Community classics in the Top 10 songs of May

As summer is closing in, let’s take a look at the top 10 songs of May. There’s not too much change from last month, but there’s a few new additions amongst a list of evergreen tracks. Read on for your jamming inspiration!

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Community classics in the Top 10 songs of May

Wat andere muzikanten zeggen over Chordify

Musicians should make Chordify their number one destination to practice music

Musicians should make Chordify their number one destination to practice music. Their platform makes it easy. And their customer service is first rate. An excellent product at a great price.Or free if you don’t need the features included with the subscription. I’ve been on Chordify for years and I use it nearly every day.
Alessa Adamo
Alessa AdamoUSA
April 29, 2023

With little or large knowledge of music you can use this app. It is amazing!

I've had over ten years of piano lessons but never was one to play strictly by the notes on the page. I liked chording. This app is the app for what I do for entertainment. I have an extensive playlist and the genres area is wide. I would suggest anyone that knows basic chords can use this app and enjoy it.
Christie Curbo
April 25, 2023

Chordify Is Amazing

For years I have tried to sound out bass lines and used chord books for guitar. I have also tried other apps to do the aforementioned. With Chordify I can get most any song with timing and video. I am very happy I signed up.
May 02, 2023

A very useful application

A very useful application. You can jam with your favorite artists. The stars of rock music and soul, blues and jazz, the best bands and orchestras will patiently repeat their best compositions over and over again. Until you hone your skills and your part ceases to stand out from the general sound. For beginners, or continuing to train musicians, it is an excellent experience and an opportunity to develop their skills. And the opportunity to test yourself for advanced performers.
Сергей Четвериков

Best app ever!

This app has, literally, changed my life. I use it on a daily basis and my guitar playing has improved immensely. Being able to play along with the artist in a YouTube clip real-time gives your playing a sense of immediacy and being part of the song itself. You can skip forward and reverse to more difficult parts to focus on the chords or a lead-break. All in all, the small annual price you pay is a pittance for the fun and utility you get from this app. Thanks Chordify!
Apr 17, 2023

User friendly and great song selection availibility

I sent same question to different apps support and Chordify replied with a timely answer. After free trials of both apps, I find Chordify to be most user friendly and had a much more diverse library of songs to choose from (we searched for Hawaiian and Indian songs). Seems like the developers are highly motivated to make improvements based on user suggestions. That's refreshing!
Apr 11, 2023

Chordify works well

Chordify works well and as near as I can tell (30+ years playing) it accurately produces the chords for the song requested. There are some minor errors but this is not typically a problem. The interface needs some useful additions. It can be not easy to navigate to a specific passage.
Jan 26, 2023

Striking the right chord!

This is an incredible app! Now happily retired, I spend many joyous hours working out songs on my guitar. Chordify saves so much time by nailing immediately the chords of the song that you download (usually from YouTube). It is unfailingly accurate and allows you to transpose instantly to another key that may better suit your voice. A real game changer!
Mar 6, 2023

This is a brilliant tool

This is a brilliant tool, whether you're a total beginner, intermediate like me or highly skilled. Having a facility that provides the chords, in whatever key you want, with or without capo (and it tells you) and you can play along with your favorite song, even slow iot down and loop parts is so helpful. I love it. thanks for this amazing musician's aid.
Ken CrossAU
Jan 6, 2023

Chordify Is Invaluable to Musicians

It's a pleasure to recommend Chordify to my fellow musicians. I grew up figuring out songs by ear and it was so time consuming (and often inaccurate). Now I have the answer and it is great. Trying out chords from my hero's also gives me ideas for my own improvisations. Thanks to the Chordify team for the inspirations and terrific product!
Bill ArkinsUSA
Jan 27, 2023

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