It’s our birthday! Seven awesome years of Chordify. Time flies when you’re jamming to your favorite tunes. We’ll be celebrating our eighty-four months of joy in the digital universe with a little thing we like to call Jamuary. 

So what can you expect?

As always, Jamuary is the month where kicking out the jams is numero uno on our priority list. To be fair, you’ll be doing most of the work, jamming along to your favorite songs. Grab some cake to celebrate with us and check out the fun stuff we have in store for you this month.


As always, we’ve got our special Jamuary Channel. A whole list of fun songs to inspire you to pick up that axe, get your ass behind those keys or just try to jam on your uke a little longer than two minutes. 

All tracks are handpicked by us and some are covers of artists you probably never heard of, or played by musicians you actually think wrote the songs but didn’t. Yeah, confusing right? Check out our Covert Covers series for some extra mind blowing revelations. 

Jamuary Challenge

Most likely, you’re already jamming along to the chords of Johnny Cash’s version of “Hurt” by Nine Inch Nails. And by now, you’re the proud owner of the Jamuary Badge. Our Jamuary Challenge is here to encourage your New Year’s resolutions to play more and to improve your jamming skills. This is our way to challenge you to play more, have fun and have a little something to show for it.

You can earn three Jamuary Badges by jamming to the songs in the Jamuary channel. After five songs, you earn the level two badge, after ten songs you get the level three badge. Awesome right? But wait, there’s more… 

Jamuary Contest

Jamuary is also about winning. We want to reward you for taking the challenge and improving your playing skills. When you’ve played along to one song of the Jamuary Channel, you can win a Chordify Yearly Premium subscription, every day, during the whole month of Jamuary. Also, when you’ve played along with 10 songs in the Jamuary Channel and are a level three player of the Jamuary Badge, you can win even cooler prizes.. Wanna know what level 3 could get you? Here are a few things that’ll sure be worth the blisters on your fingers:

Winning! – part I

Always wanted to improve your guitar skills but never knew how exactly? Fret Zealot Guitar Learning System is the thing you’re looking for. Connect this awesome LED gadget to your fretboard and prepare to be educated, future style! But wait there is more… The future is of course very attractive, but what if you want something less bombastic? 

How about a real Ohana Ukulele? The brand originated as a tribute to the passion for music and family spirit. Ohana is a small, community-focused ukulele company best known for its dedication to quality. The perfect instrument for every occasion.

Winning! – part II

If the electric guitar is your axe of choice, you probably know how problematic pedalboards can be for locking down your effect pedals, right? The peeps at NEXI created an easy click and play solution to that problem, and we are giving away three of those. Check out what the NEXI Solution Starter Pack is and you’ll definitely want to enter the contest once you’ve seen it.   

Sound great, right? So what are you waiting for? Stop reading blog posts, grab your instrument and start playing. Happy jamming!

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