Chordify had its launch party exactly five years ago, during music festival Eurosonic Noorderslag 2013. In five years the platform for online music education has seen its user base grow, from a thousand visitors per day to 6 million unique users per month. To celebrate the five-year existence of Chordify we have dubbed this month Jamuary.

Birthday party during Eurosonic
Play along with all the acts from the ESNS lineup online, or drop by at the Chordify Tech Hideout. From Wednesday (January 17) till Friday (January 19) you can find us at the Oosterstraat 52 where we will be hosting: Electrosonic, a photo exposition on ESNS artists by Tineke Klamer, IDK Sessions – Live recordings (featuring Luwton and others), the best coffee and cocktails, and lots more.

During the ESNS conference Chordify is organizing a panel discussion: ‘Machine vs humans in music making.’ Panel members Françios Pachet (director of Spotify Creator Technology Research Lab), Matt McVicar (Jukedeck) and Tjeerd Bomhof (Dazzled Kid) will shed their light on a range of topics surrounding the future of music, like AI-based music.

And last but not least: Eurosonic Noorderslag asked us, along with other media partners like Rolling Stone and 3FM, to recommend five of our favourite acts so you guys don’t drown in a sea of more than 300 artists. We highly recommend these five acts:

Sam Fender (GB)
Luwten (NL)
Nihils (AT)
Yungblud (UK)
Bad Sounds (GB)

In addition to this list of recommendations, we also encourage you to check out the special Eurosonic channel. Here you will find all highlights from the line-up, which you can learn to play yourself.

The whole month of January is dedicated to the 5th anniversary of Chordify, that is why we have dubbed it ‘Jamuary.’ During this month, you can join the Jamuary Contest where we will hand out five Premium yearly subscriptions every day. You can also win other nice prizes like a Epiphone Les Paul Standerd EP guitar and a NEXI Rockstar pedalboard.



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