“Oh yeah, it’s our birthday. We’re gonna rock it like it’s our birthday!”

That is why the whole month of January is dedicated to our 5th anniversary. We dubbed it ‘Jamuary’, not only because it sounds cool, but because it hits the nail on the head. We like jamming. Especially when you jam along with your favorite songs using Chordify.

During this month, you can join the Jamuary Contest. We will hand out wonderful prizes ranging from five annual Chordify Premium subscriptions (on a daily basis) to a NEXI Rockstar pedalboard. All you have to do is collect as many points as you can by participating in our community. Here is how.

How does the Jamuary Contest work?

You can gain points by spreading the word about Jamuary. It goes without saying that scoring more points increases your chances of winning one of our spectacular prizes. How do you earn points? For example, twenty points will be added to your name if you download the iOS app, tip your friends about the contest or retweet one of our recent tweets @Chordify.

If you post a photo on Facebook, referring to Jamuary and our website, we will reward you with another fifty points. Upload a video on YouTube on which you jam along (using Chordify) and we will gladly award you an additional hundred points. Now let us take a look at what you can win!

NEXI Industries Rockstarter Pedalboard + CONEXI

One of our awesome prizes is the NEXI Industries Rockstarter. This is a splash-proof, powered pedalboard, equipped with an integrated tuner. The  pedalboard contains all the amazing analog click and play featured guitar effects you need to raise the roof in any venue. That includes your mom’s house.

Along with the pedalboard you will receive the ConNEXI. This genius tool allows guitarists to take the classic pedal they have had for years, and attach it with one click to “The Solution” pedalboard. No more soldering, no more worries. Your perfect sound is just one click away.

Loog Family Pack Electric

We are also giving away a family pack of the coolest and tiniest guitars imaginable. The Loog Mini is an acoustic axe, equipped with only three strings. Its size makes it the perfect instrument for kids. Coincidently, it has three strings, which are the bare necessities for making a chord.

The Loog Pro is an electric version of the Loog Mini. This guitar is slightly bigger, so it can guide your daughter or son on their path into the miracle world of rock ‘n roll. Together with the Loog Mini, the Loog Pro will take jamming to a whole new level. That is why you can win them both.

Epiphone Les Paul Standard EP

This ‘femme fatale’ does not need any introduction. Inspired by Gibson’s classic model, the Epiphone Les Paul Standard EP is the perfect axe for any future Rockstar.

Premium annual subscription

And last but not least, you can win annual Premium subscriptions to Chordify on a daily basis. We are giving away not one, not two, not even three… but five of those bad boys a day. With still six days to go, this means there are still thirty Premiums left. If you want to jam along like a pro for the rest of 2018, hit that retweet button, upload a photo to Facebook, or just surprise us. Happy jamming!

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