Do you know that moment when your pick slowly slips out of your fingers while you’re in the middle of a jam? Before you know it you’re fixated on getting a grip on your plectrum, and your perfectly-played song is out the window. But not anymore! With this Chordify hack, your plectrum will always stay in place.

Chordify Picks

Chordify Plectrums

A slippery pick is the last thing you want during a nice rock jam. It can pull you straight out of your mojo in no time. To prevent any inconvenient ordeal it’s good to read the following three tips.

Tip 1 – Scratch grooves in your pick

“Proper preparation prevents poor performance,” we always say. This is also the case when preparing for the perfect jam. Don’t be distracted by a plectrum that turns out to have its own will when your fingers get a little sweaty from shredding chords.

Take a box cutter and scratch grooves on both sides of your pick. Do this in a grid shape. Start at the top left and scratch to the bottom right. When you’re done, do the same but start at the top right. This is how you get a grid which will give you more grip on the pick.

Tip 2 – Use sandpaper to roughen the pick

Grip is the key word here. You want to the surface to be as rough as possible on your plastic string-striking tool. Don’t overdo it though. Make sure it’s not too rough, otherwise you’ll hurt yourself. Rough it up just enough, so it won’t slide through those fingers.

Besides scratching your plectrum with a knife, you can also roughen the surface by working it with sandpaper or a file. Use a larger grain for this purpose. A sandpaper or file with a fine grain simply smoothens your pick.

Tip 3 – Buy an extra large pick

What you also can do is buy an extra large pick. So you have more surface to hold on to. Some picks have a pre-roughened side. These are more expensive, but then you don’t have to dive into your father’s toolbox.

Whatever tip you follow, remember that a tight striking hand gets the jam done. Enjoy and happy jamming!

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