Imagine. You’re in a band and want the world to play along to your music. Or, you’ve created the perfect edit of a Chordified song and are looking for a way to share this, with your music students for example.

Are you hosting a website or blog, and do you want enrich it with an awesome Chordify player? Stop looking! Our embed feature is the answer to all these questions. Would you like to know how this works exactly? See our Help page for a step-by-step explanation.

Test the Chordify player

As we said, if you want engage as many people as possible with your music, playing along is one the best ways to accomplish this. The Chordify player offers you the opportunity to recreate the Chordify experience on your website. It works just like a YouTube embed, only we show you the chords to the song. ‘Woah, that’s heavy!’ And, of course the same goes for piano and ukulele. Test the player below.

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