Springtime is that beautiful moment when you realise that the coldness in your bones is gone, and the sun is waking your soul from hibernation. Time to hit the music gym and get in shape for late night park jams, and campfire serenades. We’ve got six artists lined up in this article that will coach your fingers with their tracks. You ready?

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What to expect from this springtime blog post

These six songs will make you top fit while completing your springtime setlist. Some are easy to play, some are challenging, but in the end you decide how relaxed your jam will be. Just go ahead, play the chords anyway you like them, and make your own version of the songs below. We’ve divided the tracks into three groups: piano, ukulele, and guitar. This doesn’t mean you can’t try to play them all no matter what your instrument is. Chords are chords, right?

Just one more thing before we really get this party started. If you’re looking for some good finger fitness exercises just check out our articles on the matter. We cover some basic finger training for guitar, piano, and ukulele. These are great exercises that you can use for warming up your hands before a jam. Enjoy!


Chris Renzema – Springtime

For all you keyboard lovers, here’s a song that will blow away the frost from your fingers, and warm those hands up for some extra delicate jamming. Chris Renzema’s “Springtime”  isn’t very hard to play, but it isn’t very easy either. The chord changes come pretty fast, but on the other hand the chords themselves are not that difficult. Pro tip: use the Tempo tool to slow down your jam.

So start off with your left hand, and try to master the basic chords. After that it’s all up to you to discover the melody which is hidden in the right hand. Don’t worry, once you get going, time will stop, and you’ll be sucked into the miracle world of hyperfocus. Before you know it you’ll be jamming for hours on this track.

Wheein – Springtime

What better way to kick off springtime than with some K-pop? That’s a rhetorical question of course. “Springtime” by Wheein is happy, funny, and upbeat. It has a lot of seventh chords, so for all you more advanced piano players, just go ahead and crank out those jazzy vibes. If you’re worried about the lyrics, which are obviously in Korean don’t. In this video you can find the English translation as well, this will get you going.


Amanda Catherine – Springtime 

“Springtime” by Amanda Catherine is our go to spring song for ukulele. It has all the fun stuff anyway, like easy chords, a bit more challenging positions, and a joyful melody. The tempo of this track is laid back, so you won’t break your fingers while playing. That must count for something. And by the way… Play along with this song and tell us you don’t feel the sunshine on your face. Yeah, you do. 

Anson Seabra – The Dawning Of Spring

Looking for a fingerpick challenge on the uke? “The Dawning Of Spring” by Anson Seabra is a song that’s perfect for this. The chords are basic and easy, and there’s only five of them. The only thing you have to do is practice those fingers. Once you’ve mastered that part, this song has another level for you in store. Can you fingerpick while singing? Sure you can, if you set your mind to it!



Big baby driver – Spring I Love You

When you play the guitar you can make it as challenging as you want. “Spring I Love You” by Big baby driver is the perfect example of this. When you listen to this song you’ll have to agree that a lot is happening. When we take a closer look we see that “a lot” means three subtly fingerpicked basic chords. 

Yup the G chord, the D chord, and the C chord is all you need for this jam. If fingerpicking is too difficult for you, just strum the chords, and make your own version of the song. Try it and enjoy!

Billy – The Spring Song

What if fingerpicking is your thing? Well we’ve got an awesome gem that will rock your world. Just like “Spring I Love You”, “The Spring Song” by Billy is based on just a few basic chords. When we said you can make a jam as challenging as you want, this track shows how far you can go. Don’t get scared off by the guitarist’s insane skills. Just ask yourself how far you’re ready to take your fingerpicking challenge. Happy jamming!

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