We all love to jam, but it’s hard to bring up the time and discipline to pick up your instrument daily. Maybe a list of some easy songs will help a little. There’s nothing better that will get you practicing than the golden combination of easy chords, and kick ass songs. Luckily for you we’ve got both. In this blog post you’ll find two tracks for your instrument that will make jamming relaxing and fun. Once you’re hooked, check out our easy songs for piano, guitar, and ukulele channels.

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Easy Piano Songs

‘Drops of Jupiter’ – Train

How about we start off with some bombastic sounding chords? “Drops of Jupiter” by Train was released in 2001 and became an instant classic. The track is the lead single of the band’s Drops of Jupiter album, and it kept its number one spot for 29 weeks. We can easily say that this song is the tune Train will be remembered for. 

When we take a closer look at the track itself, we see that the song is made up of some easy basic triads, and some inversions. The rhythm section on the keys is what gives this tune its glamourous vibes. If you’re looking for an easy yet full-sounding song to jam to, this is a pretty good one.

‘How to Save a Life’ – The Fray

Playing the keys in a band and looking for songs to add to your setlist where you can shine on stage? No worries, we’ve got this little gem! It doesn’t only sound great, but it has some easy piano chords. “How to Save a Life” by The Fray starts off with a fancy sounding part for the keys. After a few bars, the whole band joins in and the track turns into a melancholic pop song that will make the heartbroken peeps in your audience cry for sure.

Written in the key of Bb, “How to Save a Life” contains only six chords, so it’s pretty basic. Just like Train’s “Drops of Jupiter” this was the lead single of The Fray’s record How to Save a Life. The track was and still is a great commercial success. So great that it went triple Platinum, and is considered one of the best pop songs in our digital era. 

Easy Ukulele Songs

‘Havana’ – Camila Cabello

The ukulele is your weapon of choice, huh? Awesome! This tiny instrument which is named after a jumping flo has a lot of benefits. For example: the open tuning gives you an advantage when it comes to some chords. “Havana” by Camila Cabello is a track that exploits those benefits. Just check out Camila Cabello’s fluent jam, and tell us you don’t want this? Yeah, you want this alright!

The fun part is that “Havana”’s built up out of three chords. If you start off with those you can work your way up to the picking part later. In the end, it’s all about the easy listening, and the relaxing jamming. Check it out.

‘Dreams’ – Fleetwood Mac

“Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac is a classic. It’s totally worth adding this song to your setlist. You would expect that a track like this would contain some complicated chord progressions, but this is not the case. As you can see two chords is all you need to know: the G chord, and the Fmaj7.

Easy Guitar Songs

‘Heart of Gold’ – Neil Young

Talking about classics, did you know that Neil Young wrote one of his greatest hits with only four basic chords? “Heart of Gold” is built up out of a G chord, C chord, D chord, and — a little scary looking, but still pretty easy to play — Em7 chord. In other words: there’s no excuse for not playing this track. Besides that the song is easy to learn it’s also a guaranteed hit when chilling next to the fireplace, or an occasional campfire.

‘You Never Can Tell’ – Chuck Berry

If playing four chords is too much to ask just remember that many great tracks are composed with just two. So if you want to play a classic with just fifty percent of the work “You Never Can Tell” by Chuck Berry is your song.

The only two triads you need to know to jam this one are the C chord, and the G7. Easy peasy lemon squeezy! As we said before, put “jamming more often” on that new year’s resolutions list, and keep an eye on the easy guitar songs channel. Have a good one, and happy jamming!

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