Rock until you drop from exhaustion and bleeding fingers. Now that’s some old school rock ‘n roll right there. But even if you don’t want to pass out on your instrument, this blog post has enough inspiration to keep your shreds going. Everything legendary from Elvis to Ozzy, you name it, we jam it. Here are some highlights of our rock legend channels.

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He’s known as the Prince of Darkness, but when you jam to his songs you’ll quickly realise Ozzy Osbourne is actually a singer-songwriter with an edge. Some of his older tracks might be loud, filled with guitar shreds and slick solos. The songs that the artist has released in the last few decenia are also full of soul and rock ‘n roll. Check out his setlist for the 2020 tour that never happened because of obvious reasons.  

Bruce Springsteen

If there’s a rock legend that has always sided with the underdog then it’s the Boss himself. Bruce Springsteen chews on the American Dream in ways that only he can with his critical lyrics, raw voice, and unforgettable riffs. So if you’re looking for some blue collar vibes the soundtrack to the motion picture Blinded By The Light is your go to channel. 

Little Richard 

They call him the Architect of Rock ‘N Roll for a reason. In the ‘50s, Richard changed the way pop music was perceived. He was the catalyst of a whole new movement that closed the gap between black and white audiences. One of his trademarks was playing the piano standing up straight, pounding the keys like there was no tomorrow, while screaming his lungs out like a reverend. For all you piano rockers, try out some of his songs from our Little Richard channel.

Little Richard

Elton John

And now that we’re on the topic of playing rock’n roll on the keys, here’s someone you just can’t ignore. The one and only Rocketman himself, Elton John knows how to write a song, make it rock, and at the same time kick you in the gut with a melody that will trigger a bag full of memories, feelings, and emotions. So if you want to achieve that with your jams the soundtrack for the movie Rocketman is your channel.  

Taron Egerton as Elton John in Rocketman

Eddie van Halen

Now back to the strings with one of the greatest legends in rock history. The man, the myth, Mr. Shreds himself. Eddie van Halen reinvented playing the guitar with his extremely technical approach that inspired future prodigies like Dimebag Darrell to pick up an axe and start shredding. If playing like a virtuoso is your aim then you should definitely browse in our Eddie van Halen channel

Van Halen chords


Let’s wrap this party up with the King of rock ‘n roll. Elvis Presley took the blues, gave it a twist, and brought it to the mainstream. His life was full of ups and downs, smiles and frowns. One thing however remained the same: he kept on playing, performing, and pumping out tracks. Now that’s what rock ‘n roll is all about. Feeling inspired? Take a look at our Elvis Presley channel.

Source: Wikipedia


Did we say we were going to wrap this up? Yes we did, but before we actually do we want to point out that the legends we highlighted are not the only ones out there that have a channel full of cool songs to play along with. If rock is your cup of tea take a look at our Rocktober channel. Yeah, we named a whole month after the genre because we love it so much. Enjoy, and happy jamming!

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