We’re well into Jamuary and that can only mean one thing: It’s almost time for Eurosonic — Those magical couple of days when our hometown of Groningen turns into the musical and cultural hotspot of Europe. 

Eurosonic is where tomorrow’s hottest acts are playing, where creative minds and free spirits from all over the music industry come to exchange ideas, where you walk over Groningen’s snow-and-mud covered Vismarkt with a beer in hand to soak up the city in all its vibrancy. And it’s where Chordify first saw the light of day nine years ago. Our service  was launched during Eurosonic 2013, which is why this festival holds such a special place in our hearts. 

A Digital Spectacle

Of course, like last year, things will be a little different from how they used to be during this year’s edition. With the global situation still being, well…all that, Eurosonic will once again be a digital spectacle. Does that mean there’s nothing to look forward to? Hell no! ESNS 2022 has some tricks up its sleeve, and we’re here to tell you all about it. 

You can already buy your ticket for ESNS 2022 online. And hey, say what you want about digital festivals, but at least you always have a front row seat! That’s right, we’re all about looking on the bright side of life. 

Handpicked Highlights

Eurosonic’s line-up is impressive to say the least! Listening our way through the official playlist, we had a hard time rounding up the artists we’re most excited about this year. Normally, we would showcase some acts in the form of our beloved IDK x Chordify Sessions, but this year we’ll have to make do with re-watching sessions from the past.


One young talent you will definitely be hearing a lot more of in the months to come is dutch rapper S10. The multitalent, whose real name is Stien den Hollander, is set to represent The Netherlands at the Eurovision Song Contest in Italy this year. She taps into her listeners emotions with her blunt and honest lyrics about mental health and her own complicated history with the topic.


Then there’s Pitou, an Amsterdam-born singer-songwriter. She uses her hauntingly beautiful voice and dazzling lyrics to tell stories rich in details and emotions. Those fond of folk pop will undoubtedly fall in love with her unique sound. She’s soft and dreamy one moment, then switches to dark and moody the next. 

Irene Dresel

Hypnotic. Fluorescent. Adventurous. These are just some of the adjectives that perfectly capture the sound of French artist Irene Dresel. The “high priestess of sensual and progressive techno”, as she is sometimes referred to in the scene, has taken the festival world by storm in recent years. Be prepared to move the furniture – you’ll want to dance to this. 

Pale Moon

Icelandic/Russian duo Pale Moon is what happens when psychedelic indie makes love to irresistible pop hooks. Atmospheric and melodic, they have taken the sound of artists like The Beach Boys and The Doors and upgraded it with sweeping indie rock chords and put it in a hypnotic soundscape. More of this, please!

ESNS 2022

Well, this was but a taste of what’s to come! And while we’re incredibly excited for ESNS 2022 and to sit back on our couches and enjoy the extravaganza from the comforts of our own homes, we definitely can’t wait for the day when we can meet again in our city, to throw our hands in the air and our arms around each other. Happy jamming!

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