Learning to play the guitar may seem like a difficult thing. No more! Meet Gituru, your personal guitar teacher. With this chatbot you’ll learn how to play the guitar at your own pace in your own time.

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Meet Gituru

Meet Gituru

We at Chordify have been working on a secret project. Guess what? Yup, it’s Gituru. But what is Gituru? Besides a guitar teacher, it’s part of a mission: help people around the world live their music. Gituru is a big step in the right direction, since this chatbot – yeah you read that right, Gituru is a chatbot – will teach you how to play guitar right there in your own home. The only thing you actually need is a guitar, and the app itself of course. 

How does Gituru work?

“Yeah, great. But this sounds too good to be true.” We hear you, and yeah it does sound very good. But guess what… it is actually true. Here’s how Gituru works. You download the app from the AppStore – sorry Android users, but it’s only  iOS for now -, you sit down with your guitar in your lap, and just follow the wise words of the chatbot guitar guru.

Gituru is an intuitive and responsive teacher that will talk you through the lessons. The chatbot actually listens to what you play, analyzes it in a matter of nanoseconds, and provides you with feedback. Cool right? That’s the core of what Gituru does. Of course the guitar teaching app has other features like the toolkit. So let’s have a look at that, shall we? 

Gituru toolkit

Besides the lessons Gituru has a very cool toolkit which will help you on your journey to rock stardom. You need to have a well tuned ax before you can start shredding. That’s why you’ll find our tuner Karang in the toolkit. Just ring all the strings, and Karang will show you which of them need some fine tuning.


When you practice it’s also important to be rhythmic, being on time is a virtue not only when it comes to appointments, but also when you’re jamming. Practicing your lessons with a metronome is just the perfect way to achieve a good sense of rhythm, and that’s why we have incorporated one in the Gituru toolkit.

Practice Reminder

Last but not least, it’s good to have a routine and remain on track with your lessons. Having a little reminder from time to time to pick up your guitar and playing along with Gituru could be helpful. You can set a Practice Reminder if you like to keep you focused. On the other hand, if you’re structured by nature you’re way ahead of this tool.

Can a chatbot really teach me?

Can a chatbot replace a real human? Never. Can a chatbot teach you how to play guitar? Hack yeah! Gituru has two secret ingredients. One is that we have real guitar teachers that actually make up the material. Then we process that material in an approachable way, so that we can provide you with bite-sized lessons that guide you through your musical journey. The good news is that the app is still growing, and our team is working on new lessons and cool tools to make your learning experience even better.

The second secret ingredient is that the chatbot doesn’t tell you exactly what to play, and it doesn’t care if you hit all the notes right. Gituru cares that you explore your instrument in a playful manner. And the engagement? It comes from playing your guitar! That’s how you really get to live your music.

Gituru is open for suggestions

Besides that the app has a fun and simple-to-use chat interface. This way you won’t get distracted by fancy features that will lead you astray. But enough talk from our side. Just go to the AppStore, download Gituru and see for yourself. And while you’re using Gituru, if you have any ideas or suggestions feel free to reach out. We’ve included a feedback option in the app, we hope to hear from you. Happy jamming!


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