Oh yeah, it’s time! “Time for what?” The most wonderful time of the year, of course. Are you ready to serenade your family on Christmas morning while everybody is opening their presents? And what about on New Year’s Eve, do you have a setlist for leading in 2020? No worries, either way we got your back with our Christmas Channel

December is a month full of choices. What are you going to give your parents, your brothers and sisters, your friends? Which parties do you attend, which days do you take off? Well, to make things a bit easier for you we highlighted some tracks to play this holiday season. If you’re hungry for more, just visit our Christmas Channel. And while you’re at it why not enable the jingle bells feature on the beat?


Kylie Minogue – At Christmas 

Christmas is a time for reminiscing, looking back on the past year and also looking forward, at new things to come. But maybe the most important thing is to enjoy the moment, with friends and family. This track is all about those things. 

Besides, Kylie Minogue’s “At Christmas” track has a really nice chord progression for practicing your basic chords. It also provides you with a good opportunity to check out a few barre chords. Some of which you probably won’t use on a daily basis, like an F#7 and a C#.


Elvis Presley & Martina McBride – Blue Christmas

If you’re looking for some classic tracks to add to your holiday setlist, this is a good one. The chords to “Blue Christmas” by Elvis Presley are bluesy and interesting. The chord progression consists of five chords, with the A chord and the E chord at the basis. 

The other three are a B7 chord, an E7 chord and funny enough an F#7, that we also encountered in Kylie’s song. The 7 doesn’t make the chords more difficult. On the contrary, in most cases the chord figures are easier. Except for the B7. That one is the real challenge.


Coldplay – Christmas Lights

Always wanted to jam away on your grandma’s piano? Well, this is your moment to shine. “Christmas Lights” by Coldplay has a nice and melancholic touch to it. Using mostly major chords, the track explores the sadness within the cheerful Christmas melody on the keys.

Challenge your basic piano chord skills by playing along with this song. It’s always good to broaden your horizon with some unusual chords like a Gmaj7, a Cmaj7 and a Dsus4. These may sound like chemical formulas at first, but once you play them on the keyboard you’ll see they’re just a handful of colorful chords in the end.  


Céline Dion – Happy Xmas (War is Over)

So, your mom has a crystal-clear voice and your sister sings like an angel. Why not surprise the whole family with this track during Christmas? Here’s an idea for the real hardcore guitar players. A song full of barre chords and a challenging, fast chord progression.

The chords to “Happy Xmas” by Céline Dion aren’t the easiest to master. You can always try to use the capo tool on the third fret to dissolve some of the barre chords. And if this is still too challenging, there’s a whole Christmas Channel full of other tracks to choose from. Pick your battles, keep it groovy, and happy jamming!

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