When you’re just starting to get to know your piano, it can sometimes feel like your song choices are very limited. After all, there’s no way a beginner could ever do Elvis justice on the piano, right? Wrong! More often than not, the piano arrangement of your favorite song is much easier than you think. In fact, some of the biggest hits of our time can be played with just a few simple chords. 

To help you begin your journey with some super easy songs, we created a channel for you: Starter Songs for Piano. There are tons of helpful tutorials out there to help you master those songs. We went ahead and did some of the work for you by creating a collection of tutorials to get you started. Less searching, more playing! Below, you can find three tutorials by three talented musicians to awaken your inner piano legend. 


Andy Piano: The Scientist

Coldplay’s entire catalogue is suitable for piano, from their ultimate stadium scream-along “Fix You” to their newest tear-jerker “Daddy”, but critically acclaimed “The Scientist” has always been a favorite among piano beginners, and it’s easy to see why. The melancholic ballad sounds far more complex than it actually is, and the melody is so distinct that no matter how much you slow it down, people will still start singing along eventually. 

If you’re looking for the easiest way to play “The Scientist,” Andy Piano’s got you covered! His tutorial is not only very easy to follow but also highly entertaining. Andy is not afraid to make a mistake or two, and he makes sure to leave them in the video so his viewers can learn from them.

Pro tip: Those who prefer guitar strings over piano keys may know him as Andy Guitar. Yeah, he really is that talented! 


PianoKeyz: All of Me

Pretty much any John Legend song is an instant piano hit, but this lovely ballad that he wrote for his wife Chrissy Teigen really is the ultimate piano crusher. And it’s actually surprisingly easy to learn, especially with this handy tutorial by Ryan Jones from PianoKeyz. He does an amazing job at talking beginners through this song and explaining the different chords needed for each part.

Don’t get discouraged when you get to the pre-chorus. It might look tricky at first, especially after the intro, but with just a little bit of persistence you can definitely manage it. With Ryan Jones as your instructor, you’ll be moving your listeners to tears in no time. Much like Mr. Legend himself when he performed this song at the 56th Grammy Awards, and there wasn’t a single dry eye in the audience. 

Pro tip: After a solid four-year break, Ryan has recently returned with a six-part tutorial for Beethoven’s masterpiece “Für Elise”, which has always been one of the ultimate piano classics. 


Dylan Laine: Can’t Help Falling in Love

It’s been almost six decades since Elvis released this gorgeous ballad. And, with its instantly recognizable melody and heartwarming lyrics, it’s no surprise that “Can’t Help Falling in Love” has been covered countless times since it first came out; our favorite cover might just be the one by twenty one pilots.

Thanks to the lovely Dylan Laine, you can join the club! Using only six easy chords, she demonstrates how to play along with The King of Rock ‘N’ Roll. She uses only her right hand, which makes this tutorial especially helpful for beginners who still struggle with their hand coordination, and she really takes her time to explain what each finger has to do to put this arrangement together. The final result is guaranteed to be a delight! 

Pro tip: Dylan made a multi-instrument cover of the song, in which she plays piano, guitar and ukulele. And of course, she sings too! 

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