As the days grow darker and colder, we gather closer to each other. We have to keep one another warm, safe and happy right? Well that’s why we have updated our Black Friday Channel with some neat new tracks so you can make your family and friends rock.

Thanksgiving is a traditional North American holiday with a universal message: being with friends and family and having (an elaborate) diner. Just waking up the day after thanksgiving? Have some turkey leftover, put on a pot of coffee, grab your guitar and start playing a nice wake-up jam. Yeah, that’s what we thought. That’s why we’ve prepared some tracks you can play along with in our Black Friday Channel.   


Tyler Ramsey – 1000 Blackbirds

Start off slow with some good old but actually pretty new folk. Tyler Ramsey is one hell of a singer-songwriter (read our interview with Tyler Ramsey here). He works with different tunings which make his tracks sound full, melodic and authentic. This song is the perfect start of your post-Thanksgiving morning. 

The song starts nice and slow, so it’s a good way to warm up your hands; and your sleeping family’s ears. Check out the chords for “1000 Blackbirds” by Tyler Ramsey and tune your guitar in the alternative Dsus4 tuning while you’re at it.


Novi – Blackbirds

Now that we’re on the subject of blackbirds, you’re probably expecting some Beatles tracks to fly over. But there’s a little surprise: how about this Novi track called “Blackbirds”? Yeah, everybody is slowly waking up to those sweet tunes you’re fiddling. Time to turn up the volume. 

Tune your guitar back to standard E tuning by using KARANG or a regular tuner. Done? Good. Now start jamming to the chords of Novi’s “Blackbirds”. The chords are basic and pretty easy to master. Go ahead, surprise those sleepyheads. 


Johnny Cash – Man in Black

By the time you’re finished with “Blackbirds” the first members of your family will be coming down the stairs, lured by the sweet tones and the smell of coffee. They’re still waking up so it’s good to play a song which will help them do so in a gentle manner. 

So how about a tune everybody knows and everybody loves. Yup, Johnny’s your guy. This melancholic semi-serious but well-known track will do the trick. The chords for “Man in Black” by Johnny Cash are not that difficult. Just check them out and try to play along.


The White Stripes – Black Math

So, now that you’ve got everybody’s attention it’s time to finish this morning jam off with something hard, up-tempo and easy to rock to. If you want to practice your power chords this track is your thing. 

It consists of five power chords – C5 chord, A5 chord, G5 chord, E5 chord and D5 chord – and has a pretty fast chord progression. Play along with the chords for “Black Math” by The White Stripes and make those pajama strolling zombies rock like they’ve never done. 

The Black Keys – Lonely Boy

One of our favourite songs of the 10’s is this black friday special. Known for it’s great and simple videoclip it’s Lonely Boy by The Black keys. 

Are you ready to learn our last Blac Friday top song? Learn the chords to “Lonely boy” now. Thanks for the jams! 

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