On November 27 Electric Guitar Day, we celebrated one of the most powerful instruments of the music industry. The axe that brought stage sound to a whole new level. The six string that created genres from soft rock to grindcore. Yeah, we’re talking about the electric guitar.

Choosing an electric guitar is like choosing a magic wand, it chooses you. And different models belong to masters of different styles. So, let’s take a look at three historically epic electric guitars.


Fender Stratocaster

This is one of the best-known models, and it is probably the shape that you first thought of when we mentioned the electric guitar. The Stratocaster by Fender is a classic beauty.  Famous for its light weight, thin bolt-on neck, tremolo and triple single coils. 

The sound of this lady is very clear and crisp. Often used in rock, funk, country and jazz this instrument is perfect for anyone with small hands, or people just looking for that special Jimi Hendrix and Lindsay Ell vibe.


Gibson Les Paul

The opposite of the Fender Stratocaster is the heavy-duty Gibson Les Paul. Designed in 1952 this axe is way heavier than the light weight Strat. The neck is thicker and we can reach the twenty-fourth fret only by one single cutaway in the body. 

A Les Paul sound is warm and round. In combination with the signature humbuckers this six-string is perfect for jazz, hard rock and metal. No wonder two of the most famous owners of a Gibson Les Paul are Guns ‘N Roses guitarist Slash and Allison Robertson from The Donnas.


B.C. Rich Warlock

If you think of heavy metal there’s only one guitar that comes to mind, isn’t there? If you’re having trouble imagining, allow us to give you a hand. Designed in 1981 by Bernie Rico – the founder of B.C. Rich himself – the Warlock is a guitar model that you don’t easily forget.

It looks like some kind of sharpened weapon. No wonder guitarists like Kerry King and Lita Ford chose this battle axe. With its signature shape, double humbuckers and Floyd Rose tremolo this electric guitar changed the whole vibe in metal. The Warlock is now cherished as a metal symbol. 


Give your guitar a hug

Even if you don’t have an original Fender, Gibson, or B.C. Rich there are a lot of electric guitars out there that do what they’re designed for: inspire and push you to become better and find the sound you’re looking for. So, show your six-string you love it and give that axe a big passionate hug. Happy jamming!  

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