Whether you’re young, old, professional or amateur; everyone can celebrate Make Music Day on June 21, the day that’s all about music. It’s a global happening and music lovers from all over the world organize concerts and special events – mostly free!

French roots

To tell the origin story of Make Music Day we’ll travel back to France in 1982. The longest day of the year – June 21 – was dubbed ‘Fête de la musique.’ Festivities where conjured up to encourage musicians of all levels to go out and fill the night with music. Nowadays, the French cultural agenda can not be imaged without this folksonomic delight.       

International appeal

Over the years the festival has spread to France’s neighboring countries and across the atlantic, to all corners of the world. It’s celebrated in more than 800 cities divided over 120 different countries, like China, Nigeria, the United Kingdom and Brazil. Australia is one of this year’s newcomers.

When did you start playing?

In the spirit of Make Music Day we’re curious about your opinion! What was your first instrument and at what age did you started playing? Play your part by answering these 8 questions. You might win Chordify Premium for a year! The results of this poll will be announced on Make Music Day, including the tips and advice of your fellow choridfiers.  

Happy jamming!

We at Chordify support all initiatives that encourage music making. That’s why we have a starter song channel especially for beginners, packed with popular songs that are easy to play along. And we will be adding a special Make Music Day discount on a premium subscription. Stay tuned!

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