Netflix is a goldmine for cool tracks to add to your jam sessions. You do have to know what you’re looking for though. We made a selection of a few gems we found while digging around on the video streaming platform. Check ’em out.

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina – Straight to Hell

Did you know the famous witch Sabrina Spellman has some very strong ties with hell? Her boyfriend Nick is stuck in Pandemonium, and her dad has some diabolic plans for her. But we won’t spoil the whole third season for you.

We will say this: it has a hell of a soundtrack. If you want to surprise your friends, family and random strangers, check out “Straight to hell” the musical trailer to the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. The chord progression is pretty easy; only just two chords!

Grace and Frankie – Stuck in the Middle With You

“Stuck in the Middle With You” by Grace Potter is a nice cover of the original by Stealers Wheel. This version has a crispy sound. And its upbeat tempo is perfect match for the Netflix series Frankie and Grace. The best part is that this track is fueled by four chords.

Say whuuut! Yup. After a first glimpse, you might get a bit scared of the difficult barre fingerings. But don’t worry about those, just place a capo tool on the fourth fret and thank us later. ‘Cause there’s nothing scary about a G chord, C chord, D chord or an A chord, right?

Orange Is the New Black – You’ve Got Time

The Netflix hit “Orange Is the New Black” tells the story of a group of women in jail. Things get pretty crazy in this series. Even if you’ve never seen Orange Is the New Black, you might be surprised how many faces will light up when you start playing the title track.

“You’ve Got Time” by Regina Spektor has, compared to the previous songs in this blog post, a slightly more difficult chord progression. Again, the capo tool is your friend in need. Try placing it on the first fret and see what happens.

Dark – Goodbye

You might consider trying this one out on the keys. “Goodbye” by Apparat and Soap & Skin is the opening track of the sci-fi thriller Dark. And just like the series this song is unpredictable, obscure and kind of poppy at the same time. If you like bands like Apparat and Massive Attack, you’ll get a kick out of this one.

If you decide to play this song on the guitar use the capo tool on the second fret to make the chord progression a bit easier. The tempo is not that high, so it’s a lot easier to practice switching between chords. A great track to practice your skills on. Enjoy an happy jamming!

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