A nestor with some new sounds, a group of skillful festival adepts, and two promising newcomers. This month’s new releases are by Mark Knoplfer, Mumford & Sons, Rosalía and Thomas Azier.   

Mark Knopfler – Down The Road Wherever  

If you like the comforting guitar sounds of the Dire Straits, then you probably also like Mark Knopfler. This is already the ninth solo album by the frontman of the Dire Straits, and it’s coming out on November 16. Knopfler recorded the songs at his own British Grove Studio in West London.

Release date: Nov 16 
Single: Good On You Son 
Chords: Eb, Cm7, Ab, Bb, G, F/A, Gm7, F, Cm
Tip: Great song to improvise on!

Mumford & Sons – Delta

We’ll stay in London for a bit, because Mumford & Sons are releasing their fourth album. The seasoned festival act recently announced their mega plans for touring the US, Canada, and Australia. Come spring they’ll be returning to Europe, where they will be the headliner at Rock Werchter, Belgium.

Release date: Nov 16
Single: If I Say
Chords: Dm, C, Bb, Gm7, F/A, Am, C/E, Gm
Tip: Great for practicing some standard barre positions.

Rosalía – El Mal Querer

She arrived out of nowhere at number one as most-played song in the world: Spanish super talent Rosalia. And her second album is getting one good review after the other.  

Release date: Nov 2
Single: Malamente
Chords: Cm/D# Dm6 D5 Bdim Cm
Tip: Try it on your synth or your Spanish guitar

Thomas Azier – Stray

Then there’s also a brand-new synth-pop album by Thomas Azier. Born in the Netherlands, musically raised in Berlin and Paris, and steadily building a many-sided repertoire. He already released an EP with the title Stray, and now his upcoming album will bear the same name.

Release date: Nov 23
Single: White Horses
Chords: C5, Db5, Gm, Fm, Cm, Ab
Tip: Adds a touch of drama to your jam sessions.

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