Computer games have the coolest soundtracks. For some generations these themes are the anthems of their youth. So how to motivate yourself better to play more during Make More Music March than to jam to your favourite Nintendo game songs on your piano? From Super Mario Bros to the Legend of Zelda. Enjoy!

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In this Nintendo classics for piano you’ll find

Super Mario Bros

When we talk about gaming sentiment it’s hard not to think of the Super Mario theme. Generations have been brought up with Nintendo’s Italian plumber who rescues the princess from 8-bit up to full HD monsters. 

When we take a look at the chord progression of one of the most famous game soundtracks ever made, we see that it’s not that difficult at all. Most of the chords are triades with two exceptions: the D7 and the G7. When you jam on your keys, you’ll see how one extra note can make the difference in ambiance. By the way, this theme also sounds great on ukulele.

Super Mario Nintendo chords

Donkey Kong

Since we’re on the subject of Nintendo allstars, there is one game that revolutionized arcade halls, and that actually introduced a protagonist that looks a lot like Mario. Donkey Kong has been the subject of discussions and documentaries

With its classical context of literally trying to get to the top of the mountain, the game sucked a lot of young minds into its universe. That’s why some of us still can wake up in sweat with the tune ringing clearly in our head. Some say that you have to journal your dreams. We say… jam them.

Donkey Kong chords

Legend of Zelda

The next Nintendo classic is of course the Legend of Zelda. A fantasy story in which our heroes Link and Zelda have to defeat Ganon and save Hyrule from its darkness.The main theme of the game and of Hyrule castle are so heroic that you have to play them slowly and fully. The melody line has a rich latin vibe which is hard to forget. 

When you jam this track on your keys, it will require some advanced knowledge of chords, so this is more for intermediate players. If you just started out playing piano, don’t get discouraged, just try it out.

Zelda chords


We can’t just wrap up this Nintendo legends blog post without mentioning one of the first racing games that gave the genre a new dimension. Anyone who’s played Mariokart knows its infamous Rainbow Road. Every turn is a challenge, and it takes hours to master this race track. 

That’s why the tune sticks in your mind forever. There’s no better way of explaining it than heroic, upwelling and epic. Try jamming the theme whenever your friends least expect it, just to see how long it will take their subconscious mind to pump their body full of the adrenaline kick that is part of the Rainbow Road experience. Happy jamming!

Super Mario chords
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