When the campfire is lit, you need some sunny songs to get you through the sweaty night. That’s why we picked out a few gems that will light up the dark. But wait, there’s more… We threw in a little extra, since all the songs are based on a  I-vi-IV-V chord progression.

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Perfect – Ed Sheeran

If you want your night to be amazing, then make it “Perfect” by starting off your jam with Ed Sheeran. This track by the British singer-songwriter has been an all-time favorite for our Chordify community. It’s one of the most played songs, and for good reasons.

For starters the song is a waltz, which is something most pop songs simply are not. The one-two-three one-two-three beat has a hypnotizing drive that just keeps moving the song forward. When you combine it with a capo on the first fret, miracles happen. Not like real miracles of course… The chord diagrams just become more welcoming. Try it, you’ll love it!

Hang Fire – The Rolling Stones

Do you know what happens when you pull the trigger, but the gun doesn’t go off immediately? Yup, that’s called “hang fire.” On the other hand, it’s a metaphor for a lot of things, like looking in the eyes of the person across the campfire while jamming. The kiss later that night is… Well yeah, hang fire.

So now that we kind of have established the many layered meanings of the words, let’s say the Rolling Stones chose wisely when they wrote the lyrics. Guess the chord progression of ”Hang Fire” by the Rolling Stones. Just kidding, we all know you know it’s our chord progression of the month. Just like in Ed Sheeran’s track, try out our capo tip. It will take care of the difficult looking barre chords.

Last Kiss – Pearl Jam

Did we mention a kiss at the campfire? Oh, what if we did? Campfires are romantic, they lighten up the night, they bring people together, and they are a great chance to show off your musical skills. Just like ”Last Kiss” by Pearl Jam.

Don’t get fooled by the easy chord progression and the upbeat tempo. This song is sad, so very sad. That’s what makes it powerful. It reminds us to be grateful and cherish the people we love. Don’t just “carpe diem”, but “memento mori” too. And while you do, keep on jamming.

I-vi-IV-V chord progression channel

As we already mentioned, all the songs in this article are based on a popular chord progression that is used for many, many famous songs. The fun part is that once you get to understand how this works, you can create your own tracks.

To get you inspired, we made a channel for songs that share the I-vi-IV-V chord progression. Also check out our articles on the matter. They can be very helpful when you’re looking for some music theoretical answers. Enjoy, and as always: Happy jamming!

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