It’s time for a small party because it’s the anniversary of the Chordify iOS app this month. We launched our iOS app three years ago on September 23 at the Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg, Germany. Therefore, we feel a special connection with the festival; both technically and musically.


On September 23, 2016 it became possible to sync user song libraries and favorites instantly between devices. An auditorium of excited tech-loving music-minded people watched CEO Bas de Haas as he demonstrated how Chordify could now be used on iPad, iPhone, and desktop.

“We also introduced the interactive diagram feature”

Can you imagine there was a time when Chordify was only available on desktop? What did people do when they were on the road? Moreover, what about people who didn’t know chord shapes yet? That’s why we also introduced the interactive diagram feature. Aimed at people who are just learning how to play guitar and aren’t that familiar with chord shapes yet.


Reeperbahn 2016 was a technical milestone for us. To commemorate that day, we’ll highlight some of the up-and-coming acts of this year; a few whom we know well. Like singer-songwriter Dean Lewis, who has been in our Top 5 of most-played songs a few times; and Lisa Morgenstern, who performed “My Boat” at one of our live sessions during Eurosonic 2019.

Moreover we have had the pleasure to interview Mattiel, who told us she once played the French horn; IDER who talked about their album Emotional Education; we interviewed Gurr about songwriting and the difficult second album syndrome; finally Whispering Sons’ guitarist Kobe told us about the importance of live performance. They’re all playing this year at Reeperbahn. If your going, have fun. Otherwise, happy jamming!

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