Finally, after 44 years of waiting, the time has come. The Netherlands wins the coveted prize that every pop star secretly yearns for. Duncan Laurence managed to conquer the hearts of fans all over the world and leaves the Eurovision Song Contest as the winner.

Immediately after his victory, Duncan Laurence encouraged others to start making music too:

“So please, in the Netherlands, or wherever: pick up that pen, pick up that guitar, or that keyboard. Because you see: it is possible!”

After 44 years, Holland can finally call itself the champ again. For us at Chordify this is a good excuse to go the extra mile, because after all we are a Dutch company. That’s why, with a little smile and full of pride, we put the winning track “Arcade” through our algorithm. See below how to jam along with this song.

Arcade – Duncan Laurence

With “Arcade”, Duncan Laurence is the fifth Dutch winner of the Eurovision Song Contest. Who preceded him? Well, how about Teach-In’s “Ding-a-Dong” from 1975, Lenny Kuhr with “De Troubadour” from 1969, Teddy Scholten’s song from 1959 “‘n Beetje” and Corry Brokken with “Net Als Toen” from 1957.

Each and every one of these songs has its own unique vibe and charm, that touched both the jury and the audience. What’s striking is that “Arcade” is the most subdued song in this list. Duncan Laurence accompanies himself on the piano, while he pours his heart out to the crowd.

Find the chords to Arcade here 

Jam along with Arcade

When we look at the chord progression of the song, it soon strikes us that the power of simplicity applies here. The winner uses the basis, so that the melody of the vocals can shine. This makes the track fragile.

Jam this yourself with “Arcade” on piano or guitar. The chords F, G, Em, Am, Dm and C with an E in the bass follow each other quickly. This is a good exercise for your transitions. Pay attention to how you place your fingers and try to repeat the changes slowly first. Before you know it, you play as a real winner. Happy jamming!

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