The beach is not the only place that’s shining bright, the top 5 of most played songs in the world is blazing more than ever. Cecilia Krull’s sultry voice is popular in Europe and South America, and of course good old Ed Sheeran can not be torn away from the top 5, this time he pops up in Africa and Europe. We have listed all the popular songs of the previous month below. Happy jamming!

Top 5 Europe

1 Ed Sheeran – Perfect
2 Ana Guerra y Aitana – Lo Malo (Letra)
3 Tema principal de La casa de papel | Cecilia Krull
4 5 Hov1 – Hon dansar vidare i livet
5 Fortnite OST – Battle Royal

Ed Sheeran

Top 5 North America

1 Fortnite OST – Battle Royal
2 Daniel Caesar – Best Part (feat. H.E.R.)
3 Kehlani – Honey
5 King Princess – 1950

Battle Royal

Top 5 Asia

1 Ruperi valu soneri lata/govyachya kinaryava
2 Oporadhi (অপরাধী) | Charpoka (ছারপোকা)
3 IV OF SPADES – Mundo
Azmi – Pernah sakit Lirik dan Kunci
Hu Yi Tian – I like you so much, you’ll know it

Ruperi valu soneri lata

Top 5 Oceania

1 As Long as You Love Me | Sleeping At Last
Drift Away – Sons of Zion
Stan Walker – Thank You
4 SIX60 – Closer
5 BLANCA – Real Love

Sleeping At Last

Top 5 South America

1 Paulo Londra ft Lenny Tavarez – Nena Maldicion
Tema principal de La casa de papel | Cecilia Krull
3 Dulce Pecado – Jessi Uribe
4 Mike Bahia – Quédate Aquí

Paulo Londra ft Lenny Tavarez

Top 5 Africa

1 Rak Roots feat Quatuor Squad – Ilay Silako
2 Bro Sammy, Menso Mene Hwan Powerful Worship
Ed Sheeran – Perfect
Jose Gatutura – Tuirio Twega
5 Zouhair Bahaoui – Désolé 

Rak Roots feat Quatuor Squad
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