“Toss a Coin to Your Witcher” is not an easy song to learn, but it is very beautiful. And catchy! Maybe that’s why so many Europeans played it in Jamuary. Once you’ve mastered the track on guitar, you’re ready for another challenge. Like learning the ukulele version.   

This month, Olivia Rodrigo is Queen of the Charts, with her hit “All I Want.” She may not be number one everywhere in the world, but she dominates the top in three of the six lists. Which makes sense because the lyrics are just begging you to sing along.    

Ha! And while we’re in Oceania, let’s mention the top song in that region: “In the Air” by L.A.B.. This sultry tune has everything a summer hit needs. Its style is eclectic: Blues, reggae, funk and country meet in a beach bar and share ping pong stories, while they sip mojitos and watching the sun set. Try it, the chord progression is worth checking out.

Tones and I

Top 5 Europe

1 The Witcher – Toss a Coin to Your Witcher 
2 Olivia Rodrigo – All I Want
3 Tones and I – Dance Monkey
4 Maroon 5 – Memories
5 Ali Gatie – What If I Told You That I Love You

High School Musical: The Musical: The Series

Top 5 North America 

1 Olivia Rodrigo – All I Want
2 Joshua and Olivia – Just for a moment 
3 Daniel Caesar – Best Part (feat. HER) Chords
4 The Witcher OST “Toss a Coin to Your Witcher” – Jaskier Song Chords
5 JP Saxe – If The World Was Ending (Official Video) ft. Julia Michaels Chords   


Top 5 Oceania

1 L.A.B. – In The Air
2 Olivia Rodrigo – All I Want
3 Adeaze – A Life With You
4 Jason Morant – Unashamed Love
5 Joshua and Olivia – Just for a moment 


More summer vibes

In Asia, the sultry summer vibes are also in fashion. “Fine Today” by Ardhito Pramono is a fine mixture of jazzy sounds and beautiful melodies. They’re accompanied by an equally beautiful, animated music video that shows the lyrics, so it’s ready for your karaoke session. Don’t be put off by the jazzy sounds, the chords aren’t that difficult. 

Look at it this way, now you can learn some new chords on your guitar. Are you a piano player? This track sounds really good on keys as well. And since you’re banging away on your keyboard, check out the entire Top 5 of Asia. These are all beautiful songs; with a special mention for Meri Bheegi Bheegi Si Arijit Singh at number five, which is one of our favorites here at Chordify HQ. 

Are you in the mood for more summer vibes? Then South America’s number one is your go-to song. Despite its rousing rhythm and four-chord structure, “Hola” by Delax is still a challenge. But why? Well, because the four chords we’re talking about are barred. Does that bother you? Use the Chordify capo tool on the third fret and jam away!

“Let me fix you tonight, let’s love each other til the morning light,” sings Andy Bumuntu in “On Fire.” With lyrics such as these, and Valentine’s Day coming up, this song is the perfect candidate for a serenade. On guitar, the chord progression is advanced. But placing the capo tool on the first fret will make it more accessible for beginners. Try it out. Happy jamming!  


Top 5 Asia

1 Ardhito Pramono – Fine Today
2 Powfu – Death Bed
3 Lirik Lagu Wizz Baker, Malam Tolong Sampaikan Pada Dia Aku Rindu
5 Meri Bheegi Bheegi Si Arijit Singh 


Top 5 South America

1 Dalex – Hola
2 Mike Bahia ft. Danny Ocean – Detente
4 Maria Becerra • High 
5 KAROL G, Nicki Minaj – Tusa Chords 

Andy Bumuntu

Top 5 Africa

1 Andy Bumuntu – On Fire
2 Mrs Osinachi Nwachukwu – Deep Traditional Worship Songs
3 Camaron de la isla y Paco de Lucia Como El Agua Chords 
4 Christian Bella Ft. Ommy Dimpoz – Nani Kama Mama 
5 Kiss Daniel – Are You Ok. Ft. Ajura Chords 

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