The most important event of the European popular music industry is just a month away. We are really looking forward to Eurosonic Noorderslag 2020 (ESNS). Not only just because it’s taking place in our hometown Groningen. No, we actually have a few other things that make this event exciting.

Chordify celebrates 7th b-day

Every ESNS we celebrate the day we officially opened our dear platform for the world to jam on. Chordify saw the first light of day during the conference of the International Society for Music Information Retrieval (ISMIR) 2012 as a beta version. But the real music platform, as you know it today, was launched during ESNS 2013. 

Seven years have flown by. In that time we wrote more than 400 blog posts with playing tips, music theory, interviews and random fun facts. Moreover, our algorithm has chordified over 15 million songs, thanks to the 200 million people who have found their way to our platform. 


We feel grateful and that’s why we celebrate our birthday with pride. Join the party during the whole month of January, which we have dubbed Jamuary. To give something back to our users this period will be full of surprises, so stay tuned.

Live sessions on Vismarkt

If you’re in the neighbourhood during ESNS, come say hello and celebrate with us. You can find us in our mobile studio on the Vismarkt. There we will – just like the last couple of years – record live sessions and conduct interviews with upcoming artists.

Curious about the artists that already visited us in our studio? Well, how about Pip Blom who played at Glastonbury 2019; or the dream pop act Vivii from Sweden who were lining Life is Beautiful Festival in Las Vegas; or maybe the dark Belgium post punkers of Whispering Sons are more your cup of tea? 

Thanks to our partners, Eurosonic and the talented tech team of IDK, you can check out the previous Chordify ESNS sessions here.  

Discover the hits of 2020

To give you a hint of things to come, we’ve set up a chanel especially for the great pop music meeting. Check out our ESNS Channel and play along with the new hidden gems from the European music scene.  

Ever heard of zalagasper? This Slovenian electro-pop duo has a very silky sound with a fine edge. Check out the chords to the zalagasper song SebiAnd what about the Belgium Blanche who earned fourth place in the finals of the European Songfestival in Kiev? Blanche’s song Moment is a good practice for your basic chords skills.

We can go on like this for pages and pages, but naturally we won’t. That’s what we have created our ESNS 2020 channel for. Here’s just one more track we want to share with you. Check out the smooth chords to Norwegian artist iris’ song romance is dead and thank us later after playing this track on your piano. Enjoy! We hope to see you at Eurosonic 2020. Happy jamming! 

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