Today is Make Music Day! The name already suggests that on this day we write ‘making music’ in our agenda, all over the world. The motto is “created locally, connected globally” and everyone is invited to show their best musical side, that includes you! At Chordify we love to contribute to this special day. How? Read on.

Make Music Day is celebrated in more than 800 cities divided over 120 different countries. So, whether you live in Sao Paulo, Seattle, Beijing or Edinburgh; there are initiatives to join everywhere. For example, you can walk into a Street Studio in Budapest or New York, or you can participate in the musical parade through the heart of London’s city center.

Tips from the Chordify community

Chordify embraces all initiatives that foreground making and learning to play music. We will, of course, deliver the chords you need for your gigs on Make Music Day, but we’d like to do more. As a special effort we asked the Chordify community to share their best musical tips. We’ve listed some of the nicest and best tips below.

The ideal age

We asked people at what age they started playing music, on which instrument, what they are playing now, and how often they play during the week. It appears that the average age on which people started playing is fifteen.

The bigger part of our community plays guitar at the moment, but as a starter instrument the piano is most favorable. On average people play eight and a half hours a week, while they would like to play three times as much. Among those questioned thirty two percent regularly plays together with others, for example in a band.   


Make Music Day deal

To complete the music fest there is a special Make Music Day 50% discount on a premium subscription for a year, which will be valid up until June 24.

Do you need some inspiration for playing along? Check the Chordify channels. You’ll find loads of songs organized according to genre, era, difficulty et cetera.

Happy Make Music Day!

The best tips on music making from the Chordify community

1 Music is a miracle, be part of it.

2 Never give up! Keep trying! You didn’t learn to walk and talk in a day. Some things in life you have to struggle with to persevere.

3Play songs you like.

4 “Every time you pick up the guitar, play like it’s the last time.” Eric Clapton

5 Keep practicing. Be patient. Have fun!

6 Try to play with musicians who are better than yourself.

7 It’s not about looking fancy or professional, just have fun and express yourself.

8 Keep your instruments out in the open so you play whenever the urge happens.

9 Learn 5 or 6 chords, build up a good catalogue of songs then move onto scales.

10 Slow down until you play it perfectly slowly. Speed up as you improve.

11 First you learn the rules, then you break them!

12 Keep at it; it doesn’t come out right the first time, nor the second. Even after a 51 year hiatus in playing, you can come back and start again.

13 Don’t overthink it. Practice practice practice.

14 Bad ghosts don’t understand art, if you play music they just go away.

15 It is never too late to start and you are never too old to start.  

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