This just in: Ozzy Osbourne scores his first top ten hit in 30 years. Yup, that’s a long time! But don’t forget that the 70-year-old Prince of Darkness has already been making music since 1963. Now he’s back and teamed up with one of the great artists of our decade: Post Malone. Play along with “Take What You Want.” 

After successfully fighting pneumonia in the intensive care in February the artist had to cope with another setback when he fell and ended up with fifteen metal rods in his spine. But the Prince of Darkness is unbreakable, or so it seems.

Post Malone ft. Ozzy Osbourne

Hip-hop star Post Malone asked the rock ‘n’ roll veteran to collaborate with him on one of his tracks on the record Hollywood is Bleeding. “Take What You Want” hit the top ten charts last week climbing as high as number eight. In an interview with The Sun Ozzy claims Post Malone saved his life.

“I’ve made a new album and it’s helped get me back on track. I was just lying in my own self-pity for months. It’s the greatest album I’ve done. I started recording a new album with Post Malone’s producer Andrew Watt. It’s only nine tracks but it was a catalyst to get me to where I am today.”

Play along with “Take What You Want”

This track is the perfect exercise for barre chords. The song is guitar driven and even when the beat kicks in you can still proceed playing chords and improvising. The most difficult part – aside from the barre figures – is the fast chord progression. Our tip for playing along is to start by focusing on the easy parts, and from there advance step by step to the more difficult parts. 

So start off with the intro first, after mastering this part proceed to the verse, then the chorus, and so on. Don’t get frustrated, remember the basics of barre chords and you’ll play along with “Take What You Want” by Ozzy Osbourne and Post Malone in no time.

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