Have you been practicing that one song over and over and over again? You were not alone! The numbers don’t lie. Looking at the stats from March, we can extract some interesting Top 5s of the most played songs from around the globe. You’ll find Ed Sheeran, Tate McRae, Daniel Caesar and the Grateful Dead amongst many other local heroes. Happy jamming!

Top 5 Europe

  1. Ana Guerra y Aitana – Lo Malo 
  2. Ed Sheeran – Perfect
  3. Sfera Ebbasta – Cupido (cover)
  4. Zespół 3Style – Ty Mała Znów Zarosłaś! 
  5. Felix Sandman – Every Single Day 
Ana Guerra y Aitana 

Top 5 Northern America

  1. Daniel Caesar – Best Part (feat. H.E.R.)
  2. Bazzi – Mine 
  3. Milo Manheim, Meg Donnelly – Someday (From “ZOMBIES”)
  4. Florian Bur – My World
  5. Rex Orange County – BEST FRIEND
Daniel Caesar – Best Part

Top 5 Asia

  1. IV OF SPADES – Mundo 
  2. Ruperi valu soneri lata/govyachya kinaryavar
  3. Oporadhi (অপরাধী) | Charpoka (ছারপোকা) 
  4. D’GO Vaspa feat Tika Dewi – Tresna Kanti Mati
  5. Govyachya Kinaryavar

Top 5 Oceania

  1. Grateful Dead – Weather Report Suite 
  2. “Nothing’s Forever” – Jamestown Story 
  3. Link – Tuhia
  4. One Day by Tate McRae
  5. SIX60 – Rivers 
Grateful Dead

Top 5 South America

  1. Dulce Pecado – Jessi Uribe 
  2. Tema principal de La casa de papel | Cecilia Krull 
  3. Amor Infinito – letra
  4. Paulo Londra ft Lenny Tavarez – Nena Maldicion 
Jessi Uribe

Top 5 Africa

  1. 3 Daqat – Abu Ft. Yousra 
  2. Hayawani Nyashinski Reggae Cover by Keam Kym x Melifla
  3. Bro Sammy, Menso Mene Hwan Powerful Worship
  4. Zouhair Bahaoui – Désolé 
  5. Ed Sheeran – Perfect
3 Daqat

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