Maddie Poppe, Oasis and Stan Walker in May’s top 5

The polls are closed and we can announce last month’s most played songs! In Europe Ed Sheeran has been dethroned by Oasis and Creedence Clearwater Revival’s top 5 entry shows people still like the classics.

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Top 5 most played songs in April

The beach is not the only place that’s shining bright, the top 5 of most played songs in the world is blazing more than ever.

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Grateful Dead, Tate McRae and Ed Sheeran in Top 5 March

Have you been practicing that one song over and over and over again? You were not alone! The numbers don’t lie. Looking at the stats from March, we can extract some interesting Top 5s of the most played songs from around the globe.

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Ed Sheeran and Daniel Caesar in top 5 February

For months they’ve been occupying the European and North American lists: Ed Sheeran (since November) and Daniel Caesar (already since October!). Luckily there are also some surprises amongst the most-played artists in February.

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The Greatest Showman and Ed Sheeran in Top 5 January

Did 2018 start off musically, during our celebratory month of Jamuary? We present you with the overview of the songs that were played along most--worldwide. Ed Sheeren's name has been circulating for months in this column, and again he is at the top in America and Africa.

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Daniel Caesar and Dua Lipa in top 5 most practiced songs

According to the Chordify data department, September was quite a musical month. Many songs were played across the globe! But which ones exactly? Well, you can find it right here: the top 5 most practiced songs, arranged per continent.

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