What are easy ukulele songs? How about two-chord songs? And yes, you can also play these on piano and guitar. It doesn’t really matter if you’re a master of your instrument or not. If you’re more skilled, just add some fancy patterns derived from the chords, but the same goes the other way around. As a rookie, just focus on the two chords in front of you.   

Easy ukulele songs are fun

Here’s something most musicians have in common: they like to jam away. Not everything has to be played at level virtuoso, no ma’am! Sometimes you just want to sit behind the keys, lift up your uke, or just strum your axe like there’s not a care in the world. For those moments we have something special, five songs that consist of only two chords. Enjoy!

‘Dreams’ – Fleetwood Mac 

Who said that two chord songs are boring? Well, whoever it was they were wrong. “Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac is the living proof of this. This song is one of the most successful tracks of the band in which Stevie Nicks explains how she approaches life as a single. Yeah, everybody hears different things in between the lines, but let’s focus on the two chords thing here. 

All you need to know is how to play a G chord and an F chord. And yes, if you are more experienced, then it’s fair to say that there is an Am chord and an Fmaj7 in the game, but you can play around those as a beginner. Everything revolves around that G and F in the end.

‘Achy Breaky Heart’ – Billy Ray Cyrus

Yes, one of the most commercially successful tracks of Miley’s daddy consists of two chords. “Achy Breaky Heart” by Billy Ray Cyrus isn’t that difficult once you know how to play an A chord and an E chord. Really? Yup! But is this really one of those easy ukulele songs? Playing an E on the uke is a bit more difficult than on a piano or guitar, but still, you just have to switch to the E and back. That’s great practice.

‘You Never Can Tell’ – Chuck Berry

If playing the E chord on your ukulele made your fingers ache too much, here’s an easy song for ya. You only have to know how to play a G chord and a C chord. “You Never Can Tell” by Chuck Berry is all about these two chords. That’s it, it takes two to tango. Well, actually it’s rock ‘n roll, but you catch my drift, right?

Click the image to hear the song.

‘Fallin’’ – Alicia Keys

“Fallin’” by Alicia Keys is more of a piano track, but hey, two chords can be played on any harmonic instrument. Guitar and ukulele are perfect contenders to make the sound of “Fallin’” a bit more unique, and give it that “woody” flair which is characteristic for these instruments. All you need to do is play the Em chord followed by the Bm chord, that’s it. Well, of course you do have to practice your singing skills for the ultimate impact on your audience. 

‘Born in the USA’ – Bruce Springsteen

Is there a better way to wrap up this article than with a song from the boss? Yeah, that’s right. Even Bruce’s number one hit is kind of an easy ukulele song that is built on just two chords. “Born in the USA” by Bruce Springsteen follows almost the same bulletproof formula as “Fallin’”.

First of all, he switches the order of the chords, and second of all, he plays the majors instead of the minors of the B chord and the E chord. He does use some power chords in the process but that’s just to spice things up. As you already might know, power chords are the same as triads without the third note.

Click the image to play this song.

Channels with easy songs

Feel inspired by these easy ukulele songs? Here’s the good news: You can play these tracks on guitar, and piano too. The even better news is that we have easy songs channels per instrument. So if you really want to get your jams on just check our easy song channels for ukulele, piano, and guitar. That being said, now it’s time for you to show us what you got. Grab your uke, axe, or sit behind the keys, and start pumping out those chords. Happy jamming!

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